Swooning Over Sila Island

Pink Sand Beach at Sila Island
The province of Northern Samar has a lot more to offer besides the spectacular Biri Rock Formations. In fact, it is a treasure trove of nature's bounty, above and below the sea.

About two hours away from the mainland, in the town of San Vicente, is the elusive Sila Island. Known for its pink sandy beach similar to Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga and Calintaan Island in Sorsogon, the island is like rose quartz sitting pretty amidst turquoise waters. And the best part of it is... it is not as crowded and as pricey as the other popular island destinations in the Philippines. Here, you can enjoy the beach without the mad crowd; here, your boss won't be able to reach you as signal is intermittent! You deserve some peace and quiet after all the hard work, right?

How to go there:
The closest airport to Sila Island is Catarman, a route solely served by Philippine Airlines. From Catarman, take a jeepney to Allen and from there, take another habal-habal ride to San Isidro or Victoria where you can look for a boat that you can charter straight to Sila Island. Boat ride is about two hours and could be longer depending on sea conditions. The waters surrounding Sila Island (along with other unpoiled islands and islets close by) may be unpredictable as it could get rough most of the year especially during monsoon seasons (habagat and amihan). The best time to go is from March to mid-May.

On the way to Sila Island
I've read accounts that there is a regular passenger boat from San Isidro to Destacado Island (an island near Sila), which leaves in the afternoon, and according to these accounts, from Destacado Island, you can charter a boat to bring you to the Pink Beach. It may be a cheaper and wiser option if you have the luxury of time, otherwise, you may consider renting a boat that can bring you straight to Sila Island. There are also boats that you can rent from Matnog, Bulan, or even Masbate.

Should you also find the flight to Catarman too pricey, or if it does not fit your schedule, you may opt to take a flight from Manila to Cebu and Cebu to Calbayog instead. From Calbayog, San Isidro and Victoria is about two hours away. Alternatively, you may also fly via Tacloban and from there travel 5 to 6 hours to San Isidro or Victoria.

Don't worry, the beautiful islands and islets that dot the moody Naranjo Pass will keep your eyes busy, making you forget all about the long travel time.

Fees collected in Sila Island

As we approached Sila Island, we were welcomed by the blinding shores of the Pink Beach. The striking contrast between the blue-green waters and the blushing sand was jaw-dropping. Add to that, the tranquility of the place--priceless. The alluring vistas would make you swoon.

Finally, we arrived!

Why pink sand, you ask. Just like in Sta. Cruz and Calitaan Islands, bits and pieces of pulverized red corals were washed ashore, and thus blending into white powdery sand. The result is a tinge of pink that intensifies as the sun rays hit the shores.

You can walk barefoot!

From the hut where we stayed for the day, we could see the other half of the beach, which, according to our tour guide, is privately owned.

Sila Island is also a snorkeler's paradise. Just a few steps away from the shore are huge and colorful coral reefs. The current was strong though, so if you have fins, better to wear them while snorkeling in Sila Island so you don't have to thread that hard. Speaking of snorkeling, if you wish to do this activity, you have to bring your own gears as there are no dive shops or gear rentals on the island.

This greeted me the minute I went underwater

Sila Island may not be as accessible as the other beach destinations in the country, especially if you are not keen on having long trips by land and sea, but precisely the point... there's a big chance that you'll have the beach all to yourself when you go!


Here's a short video that gives a sneak peek of Sila Island in Northern Samar. It can also be viewed on HD (720p or 1080p). Enjoy!


Damo nga salamat Ms. Karen Santiago Tiopes, Sir Rodel Balierbare, Ms. Josette Doctor, Sir Romy Zaide, Sir Deo and Sir Henry Espinola for making our trip to Biri an enjoyable one!!!

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