Finding Happiness in Catanduanes (Part 4) - Bato, Baras, and Guigmoto

While in my previous post I shared how deeply had I fallen in love with the majestic beauty of Binurong Point, our next destinations around the towns of Bato, Baras, Guigmoto come close runner ups. Sure we were exhausted from the climb to Binurong Point; sure our bodies told us to slow down and perhaps rest for a while. But we knew in our hearts that we wanted to see more of the Happy Island. And so off we continued our journey to the town of Gigmoto to check out the Nahulugan Falls, one of the many falls the island has.

Puraran Beach
From Binurong Point, Nahulugan Falls is about 29.4-km away according to GoogleMaps, going through a combination of concrete highways and rocky roads. Under the management of the LGU, Nahulugan Falls has huts for picnics and  ample parking space. Although, please take into consideration that when visiting during peak dates such as Holy Week and other holidays or long weekends, parking may be full up to the dirt road a few meters away from the entrance.

Nahulugan Falls

What can you enjoy at Nahulugan Falls? Besides having a relaxing picnic in one of the huts while listening to the soothing sound of the gushing water, you may take a dip in the natural pool or be adventurous and jump into it! The three-tier falls is very refreshing so it is a perfect breather after getting all your muscles tired and numb from the Binurong Point trek. There are no restaurants or stores in the area, so make sure to bring your own food. The place is very serene; it feels like you are in a scene from a fairy tale, with all the plush trees and flowing water. Plus, water is so clear that you could see what's underneath.

Balacay Point
After Nahulugan Falls, we went on to our next destination: Balacay Point. Like Binurong Point’s twin sister, Balacay Point in the town of Baras also commands sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and verdant rolling hills. From one corner, you can view the glistening shores of Puraran Beach, and on another, an island that shines like an emerald in the sapphire-hued water. The only difference between Balacay Point from Binurong Point is that the former does not require you to trek, as cars can go all the way up the rolling hills. The way to Balacay Point though is one that is insanely curvaceous, so brace yourselves! If you are with senior citizens or kids, Balacay Point is an easier alternative to Binurong Point. But, if you are totally fit and game, better check out both!

See the car there? No need to hike! =)

See that strip of white sand peeking through? That's Puraran Beach

Jump for joy!

See that strip of white sand peeking through? That's Puraran Beach
From Balacay Point, we drove down to Puraran Beach (we went to Puraran Beach Resort a.k.a. Puraran Surf Camp) where we stayed only for a few minutes. Also in the town of Baras, Puraran Beach features powdery sands and adorable rock formations. But the waves… yes, the waves… are gigantic! Surfers will definitely enjoy riding the swells here especially during the "ber" months or the northeast monsoon season—truly world-class.

Pure shores of Puraran Beach

Rock formations at Puraran Beach
Our last two destinations for the second day were Bato Church and the miraculous Batalay Church, which I will share in my next post about the churches in Catanduanes. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, have a look at this short video that gives a sneak peek of the Happy Island. The video can also be viewed on HD (720p or 1080p). Enjoy!

Dios mabalos Ms. Carmel Garcia, Shiela Idanan, Marjorie Avila, and  Allan Sarmiento 
for making our trip to Catanduanes an enjoyable one!!! Happiness on the Happy Island indeed!
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