Friday Night Classics at Oakwood's Nostalgia Dining Lounge

Tomorrow is Friday-pay day once again, and besides your bank accounts being filled to the brim (how we wish!), there are also bills to pay and deadlines to meet as the weekend closes. More so, the most dreaded day of the month is here again. Friday pay day equals carmaggedon day. So, why not let the traffic subside and have a cozy dinner? Your old-time favorite steak perhaps? 

If you happen to be in the Ortigas area, one of the best places to have steak is at Nostalgia Dining Lounge. Perfect timing because on Fridays, the restaurant offers the classics prepared by the Executive Chef Jerome Cartailler.

Aptly called "Friday Night Classics," the menu includes an array of starters such as the Caesar salad, gambas, and my personal favorite, the French onion soup (a warm and comforting bowl of onion gratinee topped with melted Emmental cheese. The starters are served in huge proportions, so if you're having steak for your main course, it is best that you split your soup and salad into two to make room for the feast ahead.

Cozy, laid-back intimate dining
French onion soup
Caesar salad
Excuse my photos--they are taken using my ever reliable phone as I forgot to bring a camera for this spur of the moment dinner. And yes, I don't have an iPhone. ;)

Gambas (photo by Aleah Alam)
For the steaks, there are three options: striploin for those who prefer a lean cut of meat; rib-eye for those who are like me who prefer a bit of marbling; and the stellar tenderloin. All of these are US Angus. The steaks also come with a choice of side dish--from baked potato to sauteed mushrooms to grilled asparagus, and a lot more. You also have the option to choose from a variety of sauces such as Bearnaise, peppercorn, bleu cheese, Merlot shallots, and honey mustard.

US Angus Rib-eye, 7 oz (photo by Aleah Alam)
I had the US Angus Rib-eye cooked medium well, which was superb. The meat was oozing with juices and bursting with flavors! And with the classic peppercorn sauce and baked potato on the side, man, this will really melt your blues away!

My brother had the US Angus Striploin. This 8 oz. slab of meat is lean yet succulent. He had the Merlot shallot sauce and sauteed mushrooms on the side which I must say complemented the meat perfectly.

For desserts, Nostalgia's signature items are the Tartufo (Nespresso coffee infused mousse with ganache and seasonal berry coulis) and the Deconstructed Black Forest (layered chocolate cake, pudding, cherries, whipped cream, and kirsch). While these are all tempting, I'd still go for my all-time favorite scoop of Macadamia ice cream.

Macadamia ice cream
Nostalgia also has private rooms for intimate gatherings. Each room has a theme that will surely give you that vintage, elegant vibe.

Beautiful walls complete the intimate dining experience

The Nostalgia Dining Lounge 
by Oakwood Premier Joy – Nolstag Center Manila

17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 
Tel: +632.6377888 / +632.910.8888


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