Char-grilled Barbecue All-You-Can at Charaptor

Home to many hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the Zobel Roxas-San Antonio Village area in Makati is starting to gain popularity among foodies. One of the busiest restaurants in the area is Charaptor, which has an eat-all-you-can char-grilled barbecue concept perfect for families and friends with a big appetite. The restaurant is located at the corner of Kamagong and Aranga Streets.

So what's with the name? My guess is that it was derived from "char," which is the first syllable of "charcoal" or "char-grilled," and "charap"-- a play on the word "sarap," which means delicious.

How do we start? Simple: get a table (I suggest you get one inside by the windows as it can get hot and smoky near the bar), start getting your preferred marinated meats and seafoods from the buffet at the end of the room, choose your sauces, and go back to your table to grill everything on your plate. Easy, huh? Again, it can get hot in there, so dress accordingly.

The buffet offers more than 30 kinds of marinated meat--from pork ribs to beef sirloin to chicken wings among others--seafood like prawns, salmon and tuna belly, and even veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms,and corn. There's also plain rice, java rice, and mashed potatoes to complement your grilled goodies. An assortment of appetizers are also on offer, like crispy crablets, chicken skin, and chicharong bulaklak.

The buffet


The signature basting sauce
More than 10 tasty sauces to choose fro!

Chicharong bulaklak
My first plate
Each table at Charaptor has a a charcoal griller (not like the smokeless ones in Yakimix) and exhaust tube to help reduce smoke while you are grilling. Hmm, it helps but it is still too smoky! If you are planning to go somewhere else after eating here, I suggest you bring extra clothes, or better yet, go home and change, haha!

My appetizers while waiting for my selections to cook
What stands out on the buffet? I recommend you try pork isaw, salmon belly, asparagus and bacon wrap, enoki and bacon wrap, and the crispy crablets. The salmon tastes fresh and can stand alone even without any of the sauces. Our group enjoyed this the most, as well as the bacon-wrapped asparagus and enoki. The pork and chicken isaw blend well with their signature barbecue sauce.

Pork isaw, enoki wrapped in bacon, and salmon belly strips
On fire
Dinner buffet is priced at Php 490 nett per head. Kids, depending on age and height, are either free or charged half the price. The price comes with bottomless non-alcoholic drinks such as iced tea, red tea, pineapple, orange, and blue lemonade. Drinks are self-service. They also serve beer at an affordable price.

The verdict? I find the Php 490 per head price a bit expensive considering that the food served are just ordinary barbecue stuff that you can probably easily find in your streets. I remember last year, it was only priced at Php 390, but I don't know why there's a sudden increase. If it was priced at Php 290-390, then for the experience, I think it's worth it, but at its present price, it's a bit of a rip-off. Don't get me wrong--the food is good but could have been more affordable.


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