Sorsogon Diaries: Paguriran Island and Lagoon, Bacon District

Paguriran Lagoon
Sorsogon is blessed with natural wonders. It is in this province where you can swim with the butandings (whalesharks) as well as manta rays and a lot more. It is also here, in the town of Matnog, where you can find the famous paradise islands of Calintaan and Tikling. The towns of Gubat and Bulusan are famous for surfing with its gigantic waves during the northeast monsoon season. These and a lot more make Sorsogon an ultimate eco-tourism destination.

After spending a night in Matnog and another one in Bulusan, we continued our journey towards Brgy. Sawanga, Bacon District in Sorsogon City. Here lies the famous Paguriran Island and Lagoon.

How to go to Paguriran Island and Lagoon:
From Manila, take a flight bound to Legazpi. Travel time is around an hour. At the airport's arrival hall, take a tricycle to the van terminal. Board a van going to Sorsogon City. Travel time is more or less 2 hours. 

In Sorsogon City grand terminal, take a jeep to Sawanga. Tell the driver that you will alight at the entrance of Paguriran Beach Resort. Here's the thing: there are actually two or three resorts that bear the same name "Paguriran Beach Resort" in the area. We went to the one with this signage:

Jeepneys from Sawanga to Sorosogon City are until around 4:00 pm only, so make sure to be ready to go back to Sorsogon City a little earlier unless you have your own tricycle. The beach in Brgy. Sawanga boasts fine cream sand and clear waters. Paguriran Island and Lagoon is directly facing the beach, and is accessible by foot during low tide. 

A view of Paguriran Island and Lagoon from the beach

Rocks at the lagoon
The lagoon features emerald waters and beautiful rock formations. It is more of a natural pool actually, and depends highly on tidal changes. There are a few corals on one side but water can get a bit murky especially during the rainy season.

Inside the lagoon
A view from inside out
A panoramic view of the clear waters and picturesque rocks

Looking into the azure waters
Beach huts along the beach


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