Awestruck in Anda, Bohol's Blossoming Beauty

Quinale Beach

If you've been captivated by the pristine beaches of Panglao and the nearby islands of Balicasag and Pamilacan in Bohol, and you thought you had already seen the best of this province, then think again. If you've never been to Anda, then you haven't seen the best of Bohol yet.

Anda is a coastal town off southeastern Bohol, facing Camiguin, Southern Leyte, and Surigao del Norte. It was formerly known as Barrio Quinale, a part of the municipality of Guindulman until it was declared an independent town in 1875.

How to go there:

Via air from Manila
  • Major local airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia fly daily to Tagbilaran City. Travel time is about an hour.
  • From the Tagbilaran airport, hire a tricycle to Dao Terminal.
  • At Dao Terminal, ride a public van or bus to Anda. Travel time is about two hours and may be longer if you take the bus. Fare is Php 130. If you're riding a van, you can ask the driver to drop you off directly at the resort of your choice for an additional fee (starts at Php 20 for resorts on Quinale, which is located in Brgy. Poblacion. Add-on rates may vary). 
A map of Anda resorts and points of interest
The coastal road to Anda
Anda Tourism Information Center
Upon arrival in Brgy. Poblacion where the powdery public beach of Quinale is, you may check out the town's tourism office near the Beach Bar. Here, you can get maps, inquire about accommodations, and book your activities for the duration of your stay.

Contact Person:
Ms. Jovilyn (Juvie) A. Mapesos
Anda Tourism Information Center
Poblacion, Anda, Bohol

Quinale Beach
Anda Tourist Information Center on Quinale Beach
Where to stay in Anda:
Anda hosts a variety of accommodations ranging from backpacker nooks to high-end private coves. Each resort has a niche, so make sure to do your homework. Most of the backpacker- and budget-friendly resorts are on the public beach on Quinale in Brgy. Poblacion, while most of the dive resorts are in Brgy. Candabong. If you want ultimate privacy, head to a resort on Talisay Beach in Brgy. Bacong--it's comparable to Boracay's Station 1 and Coron's Malcapuya Island back in the day.

Anda de Boracay White Sand Resort
Sawang, Poblacion, Anda, Bohol
Contact: Charlie Bonifacio
+63916.692.9194 / +63947.150.64.70 /

Nestled amid the expansive powdery white shores of Quinale Beach, Anda de Boracay White Sand Resort is perhaps the most popular resort on this stretch. Rooms are made of sturdy local materials, plus, it is the only resort on this side of Anda that has a pool, a spa, a gym, and a bar ad restaurant. There are fan rooms as well as big rooms perfect for big groups and families. Rates start at Php 1,500 for an air-conditioned room. Food is not a problem as its restaurant serves delectable cuisine with prices ranging from Php 70 to Php 350.

Anda de Boracay White Beach Resort
Anda de Boracay White Beach Resort's restaurant on the second floor of the main building
A view from the restaurant
The pool
A room on the second floor has two beds (one adjacent to the living room and one inside a bedroom)
Clean, tiled bathroom
The one bedroom unit at the second floor has an al-fresco dining area
The bar
Kalamay from Jagna is love!

The sand at Quinale Beach is as fine and as white as confectioner's sugar
The quiet Quinale Beach
Blue Star Dive and Resort
Ipo Candabong, Anda, Bohol
+63947.946.5386 / skype: bluestardive

For divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, this resort is the best option. It has no wide beachfront, rather, vast colorful reefs and beautiful marine life just a few steps from the cliffside stairs. There's a small pool perfect for hot afternoons and a Jacuzzi where you can watch the sunrise. Room rates range from $75-$90.

Those who are not in-house guests can still enjoy and explore the resort's reefs with its Php 500 day tour package. Php 350 is consummable on food and beverage and the remaining Php 150 serves as entrance fee.

The highlights of this resort are the dive shop and the iconic Anda Dreamliner--a 65 feet long dive boat equipped with state-of-the-art naval or marine technology. The boat is complete safety gears and amenities to make your dive or snorkeling trips comfortable. There is also a kitchen and a clean comfort room onboard.

Food is not a problem, too, with its signature restaurant and bar complete with a wood-fired oven that cooks delectable Italian pizzas.

Blue Star's mango-shaped swimming pool
A deck by the cliffside

The stairway to the marine sanctuary
The Jacuzzi 
Blue Star's bar
The resort is perched on beautiful rock formations
Blue Star's wood-fired oven
East Coast White Sand Resort
Candabong, Anda, Bohol
+63928.762.8730 / skype: eastcoastwhitesand / facebook: East Coast White Sand Resort

If you love the sea--both above and below--East Coast White Sand Resort will definitely give you the best of both. Unlike Blue Star Dive and Resort, this cliffside resort has a picturesque cove where you can just bathe in the sun after diving or snorkeling. It also has two infinity pools that command a view of the calm blue sea.

The standard rooms is perfect for couples, while the family cottages are huge enough for a group of four. There's free WiFi and breakfast, too. Room rates range from Php 3,000-Php 6,500.

You can also rent the entire resort as in the case of teambuildings and conferences. A group of 25 guests at a time has the option to do an "all-resort-buyout."

An infinity pool near the tennis court
The rooms and cottages sit on a cliff overlooking a beautiful cove
The second pool and the Jacuzzi
The cove lures you to take a dip
On the way to the view deck
The other side of the cove
Bohol Dapdap Beach Resort
Candabong, Anda, Bohol

More than 25 years in existence, this resort is no doubt the very first beachfront resort in Anda. While it is old and rustic, it still has the captivating charm and homey vibe it is known for since its humble beginnings. The wide expanse of white sand bordered by beautiful rock formations are also a plus point for this resort. Room rates range from Php 1,500-Php 4,800.
A verdant lanai and a cottage 

Natural pool by the beach

The sand may not be as fine as Quinale's but it is white and inviting
Toni on the rocks!

Island View Beachfront Resort (formerly Vitamin Sea Beach Resort)
Bacong, Anda, Bohol
Contact Person: Armie Calugay

Saving the best for last, this resort has the most captivating shore in Anda. Located on Talisay Beach in Brgy. Bacong, Island View Beachfront Resort boasts fine and impeccably white sands that is secluded and away from the crowd. It's a perfect honeymoon spot! What's even nice is that it has spacious rooms at affordable prices (I say affordable considering it has the best, private beachfront in town). Room rates start at Php 2,500.

It has a pool, a bar, and a restaurant which serves the freshest buko (coconut) juice in the vicinity. They pick the buko from the tree right in front of the pool as soon as you order. There are hammocks where you can enjoy a nice read or just take a nap.

Service also deserves two thumbs-ups! Fast, friendly, and efficient without being too intrusive.

Island View's pool
Bonfire spot
Fresh buko juice, anyone?

The shore is fabulous! We had it all to ourselves!

The rooms
The sleeping area at the deluxe room
The bathroom is spacious, too!

The living and dining areas
The other room

King-sized bed and a glass window by the bathroom
Sleek and clean

Island View Beachfront Resort's restaurant on the second floor
Shore overload

What to do in Anda:

Beach hopping
Anda boasts a number of coves and beaches that are lined with resorts of all sorts--from budget to luxurious. Among them are Quinale Beach, Dapdap Beach, Flower Beach, and Talisay Beach. Of these beaches, I find Talisay the most outstanding for its fine white sand and laid-back vibe. Quinale Beach on the other hand is a public beach that is a famous for camping and day tour. Entrance fee is Php 10.

Quinale beach gets full on weekends with locals and tourists camping or having a day tour

Visit Anda's cave pools
During our trip in Anda, we were able to see three cave pools along the way. The first one was the Cateres cave pool, which is located near Bohol's Dapdap Beach Resort. The water is clear and blue, but it may be hard to get in and out of the cave pool as it doesn't have a ladder and the rocks around it are steep and sharp. 

Cateres cave pool
Next was the Combento cave, a shallow cave off Brgy. Virgen--the barangay between Candabong and Bacong. This one is easier to access as there are stair-like rocks you can step onto. The water is crystal clear and inviting.

Combento cave
Lastly, we all went to Cabagnow cave pool in Brgy. Bacong. Of the three, this is the biggest and most dangerous to get into, but it is also the most stunning. The water here can go up to 25 feet, and from where we stood we could already see its bottom teeming with fish and rocks. You can freedive and snorkel here but be prepared for a challenging exit.

The huge pit at Cabagnow cave pool
This is it! Cabagnow for the win!!
Hear mass or pay a visit to the Black Nazarene
I was surprised when Juvie, the tourism officer who toured us around said that the replica of the Black Nazarene that is usually used at the annual procession in Quiapo is now housed in Sto. Nino Church in Brgy. Poblacion. I got goosebumps when I learned about this as I am a big devotee of the Black Nazarene. I was able to see him up close and touch his image. A shrine is being built beside the old church for the Black Nazarene.

One of the finest murals in the province of Bohol is also found at the ceiling of this church. This is the testament of the masterpieces of Raymundo Francia who painted the mural

The church
The interiors of the church
The replica of the Black Nazarene
Other points of interest:
You can also check out Lamanok Island and its beach, mangroves, and caves with prehistoric hematite graffiti art.

If you are just having a day tour at Quinale Beach, you need not worry about getting hungry as the local government unit manages the Beach Bar, a restaurant and bar right on the public beach. You can order a la carte (price starts at Php 110) or you can ask them to prepare a group meal perfect for sharing with friends and family. You can also rent tables, chairs and tents (for dining) for a minimal fee.

The LGU Beach Bar

Sweet and sour pork
Breaded fried chicken
Pancit miki-bihon


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