A Jazzy Post-Birthday Sunday Brunch at the Oakroom

The best pecan pie ever!
Yesterday, I spent my birthday discreetly at home, trying to avoid the bustling world outside. I guess this is what happens when you have been missing weekends at home for four weeks in a row. Man, I miss quiet, laid-back weekends. I miss dressing down and just enjoying home-cooked food. I miss playing with Akisha. I miss taking naps and enjoying some good reads.And finally, I was able to do all of these again yesterday. What a birthday gift to myself!

Today, my hubby, Akisha and I had brunch at the Oakroom (Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila's signature restaurant) to continue my weekend birthday celebration, thanks to my dearest Aleah, who was so generous to host our scrumptious brunch.

Oakwood is a cozy, timeless elegant restaurant that boasts a panoply of culinary masterpieces created by a team led by the chef Jerome Cartailler. Early this year, I was fortunate to try his delectable creations during the Cronuts Fever (Cronuts Fever at the Oakroom Restaurant and Bar) and Sabato Cena Italiana. For this season, Oakroom presents Jazzy Sunday Brunch featuring  dishes straight from the heydays of good old New Orleans. Brunch is served every Sunday, from 12:00 nn to 3:00 pm. Price is Php 1,250++ per person. Is it worth it, you ask. I bet it is!

There's a whole bunch of refreshing salads like Waldorf, Chicago-style cheesedog salad, and the usual crowd-pleaser, the classic Caesar complete with bacon bits and croutons. But what caught my attention was the smoked salmon salad, as well as its more sinful counterpart--smoked salmon and cream cheese baguette topped with caviar and dill. The salmon was fresh and clean-tasting, simply addicting!!! There'c crab cake with garlic mayo dip that is good and hearty, too.

Smoked salmon salad

Waldorf salad

Crab cake with garlic mayo dip

Chicago-style cheesedog salad

Steamed prawns

Smoked salmon and cream cheese baguette

My starter plate
Bread Basket
Freshly-baked breads are staples at the Oakroom. My personal favorites are the flaky, buttery croissants and Danish pastries. They are worth the extra calories!

Bread, anyone?
There's a good variety of entrees laid out on the buffet spread--from mini dogs to Philly cheesesteak to bacon to mini eggs benedict! However, the highlights were oysters Rockefeller, barbecued baby back ribs, key West seafood, buffalo wings, and a lot more. There's a pasta station where you can have your penne or fettucine tossed with your choice of sauce: carbonara, pomodoro, or pesto. The penne pomodoro was good and perfectly al dente!

The barbecue baby back ribs was melt-in-your-mouth, and surprisingly not too sweet. Be ready to eat more rice or mashed potatoes. Love! The oyster Rockefeller was rich and addicting, too.

Kids will definitely love the eggs benedict, chicken fingers, mini pancakes, hotdogs, and bacon.

Tip: Get some buffalo wings (do not forget to drizzle it with a spoonful of deadly spicy sauce) and dip forkfuls on garlic mayo which was originally made to complement the crab cakes. Believe me, it works! Complement it with one or two mozzarella sticks.

Oyster Rockefeller

Eggs Benedict

Barbecue baby back ribs and Key West seafood

Buffalo wings

My mains

Pasta station

Penne pomodoro
On this station you will find the tempting leg of ham infused wit sweet-tangy flavors, as well as the cult-favorite, prime rib with peppercorn sauce. I got a slice of prime rib with a thick trimming of fat. Yeah, I'm that bad. =P
Leg of ham

Prime rib

See the trimming of fat?
The usual cupcakes, doughnuts, and chocolate fondue were there, but what you don't have to miss is the pecan pie. Chewy and chunky, it is no doubt that IT IS THE BEST PECAN PIE PERIOD.

The apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side was a runner-up, as well as the zesty torched lemon torte.
Sweets for my sweet

Apple pie

Lemon torte

Pie duo: apple and pecan pies

Pecan pie a la mode

Akisha enjoying the plush couch
To cap everything, we each had a glass of Asti--a sparkling white Italian wine that is produced throughout southeastern Piedmont--and continued enjoying the soothing music played by the jazz trio. It was a indeed a food-coma-inducing brunch but it was definitely a hit to us!

Should you feel like ingesting more alcohol, the Oakroom Bar is just adjacent.

Oakroom Bar
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