Cronuts Fever at the Oakroom Restaurant and Bar

On the night of our stay at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila, we checked out Oakroom's famous Saturday Night Fever and Cronuts Buffet. Yes, CRONUTS BUFFET. Do I  need to explain more why we were so excited to try this out? =)

The bar
Oakroom, located at the 6th floor of the hotel, is the signature bar and restaurant of the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila. With the executive chef Jerome Cartailler at its helm, the restaurant  offers a panoply of flavors from around the world. For dinner, Oakroom opens at 6:00 pm and closes at 10 pm.

At the entrance, an array of liquors greet you, tempting you to pair a shot or two with any of the scrumptious offering at the buffet. There's also unlimited local beer!

The bar looks chic and cozy, not dimly-lit and the music, soulful and chill. Obviously, it's not a party bar, but a place to lounge and loosen up after a hard day at work.

Have a glass?
Going inside, we were welcomed by elegant chandeliers and sleek, neutral-hued chairs and couches. The interiors were sophisticated in a not-so-complicated way. Should you decide to dine here, choose a couch by the glass walls for you to have a nice view of the city.

The interiors

Choose a couch like this for you to have a nice vista of the city
Petit sandwiches and open-faced cronuts
The buffet features a variety of appetizers, mains, and desserts. For starters, there are the delectable and hearty petit sandwiches and open-faced cronuts, of which the smoked salmon bagel and the three-mushroom cronut. Kids will definitely love the mini ham and cheese sandwiches.

My appetizer plate

Chicken barbecue wrap
Besides the mini sandwiches and cronuts, the appetizer station also includes cold cuts, salads, and wraps that will surely whet your appetite. I did not see a cheese station, though. It would have been nice to pair my old-time favorite Brie and Camembert with the cold cuts!

The salad which i got but forgot to get the name

Cold cuts

The kid-friendly salad, with hotdogs on it =)

More cold cuts
For the mains, the star of the night was the succulent, well-seasoned slab of rib-eye. I couldn't resist getting a slab, of course! I paired this with the peppercorn sauce, some tangy Dijon mustard, and a scoop of mashed potatoes -- love.

The star of the night

Mashed potatoes and fried chicken

Kids will love the hotdogs wrapped in smokey bacon, as well as Oakroom's version of spaghetti bolognese.
Hotdogs wrapped in bacon and spaghetti bolognese
Another favorite is the barbecued pork ribs. Slow-cooked in sweet-zesty sauce, the pork ribs is fall-off-the-bone tender and is a perfect match to your below-zero chilled beer. Mitos Fritos on the other hand is a melange of fish, squid, and prawns in crispy batter.
Mitos Fritos and barbecued pork ribs
Do not dare miss the spicy chicken wings! It's simply addicting. (For the record, I am not a fan of wings, or any bony part of chicken. Yes, I'm one of those who would rather have the bland breast part!) But Oakroom's version is flavorful, and spicy! The kind that will just tease your palate.

The spicy wings is a winner! I forgot the name of the beef dish though

My plate
And now, the cronuts stations. Cronut, a marriage of flaky croissant and doughnuts, was all abuzz since last year, with most of the urban cafes and bakeries having their own renditions. At the Oakroom, there's a separate station for savories, sweets, and do-it-yourself cronuts. We checked out the savories first.

My heart stomped at the sight of these slices  of duck liver. Men, I felt like my nape got numb only by seeing these sinful, luscious piece of heaven. So, without further ado, I asked the chef to make me a duck liver and balsamic vinaigrette cronut, a Cronut Benedict (smoked ham and poached egg drizzled with Hollandaise sauce), and their best-selling Philly cheesesteak cronut.

Sinful, eh? Duck liver galore

Philly cheesesteak  filling

Smoked ham for Cronuts Benedict
After a few minutes, these babies landed on our table. Love at first sight!

The trio of savory cronuts
I tried the duck liver and balsamic vinaigrette cronut first, and not only it was love at first sight, it was love, indeed, at first bite! The succulent foie gras that seemed  to melt in my mouth together with the flaky cronut is just so divine. The balsamic vinaigrette balances it all. Simple, not complicated, and purist. If I'll have a chance to eat at the Oakroom again, I'll make sure to eat  this thing. It's d-i-v-i-n-e.

Duck liver and balsamic vinaigrette cronut
Next,I tried the Cronut Benedict. The poached egg was runny just the way I like it, and the Hollandaise sauce not too salty, a perfect match to the slice of smoked ham. It's good but the duck liver version is still the top on my list.

Cronut Benedict
Last of the three savories, we tried  the best-selling Philly cheesesteak cronut. The bits and pieces of meat are so full of spices, and the melted cheese makes for a silver lining here. I would suggest that you eat this first before having your rib-eye so that you won't feel you're having meat overload. It's a nice teaser, believe me! No wonder, it's their best-seller!

Philly cheesesteak cronut
For desserts, there's an entire station with cronuts of different flavors that will definitely fulfill your saccharine cravings. My personal favorite: the pistachio toppings!

Sweet cronuts
There is also a  do-it-yourself cronut station where you can put your own preferred toppings. I'm sure, if Akisha was with us, she will never leave this station!

Plain cronuts as your canvas

Select your own toppings
Aside from cronuts, there are also an array of cakes and brownies at the dessert station. Plus, there's Magnum!!! Magnum all you can!!! Can you hear me say, Magnum all you can?????

the base cake is red velvet if I remember it right

Brownies and bars  galore

Oakroom's Saturday Night Fever Dinner Buffet is available every Saturday (obviously) from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Price is at Php 1,290+++.

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, 
Pasig City 1600, Philippines

Tel: +632.637.7888 / +632.910.8888
Fax: +632.706.7777


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