A Hot, Fiery Lunch at Saboten Glorietta 5

Saboten Tuna Katsu
Yesterday, despite the sizzling hot weather in Makati, my friend and I went to check out Saboten's latest branch in Glorietta 5. Saboten is just beside Bo's Coffee, the spot where Luk Yuen used to be located. We had lunch with my dear friend Mela who works for the Raintree Restaurants Group. The group manages an interesting roster of restaurants in Manila and Baler, and is responsible for bringing the international chain, Saboten, in the Philippines.

The menu

I was supposed to order my favorite fresh melon Yakult smoothie, but I was taken aback when I saw another Yakult smoothie on the list which sounded yummy, too. Lo and behold, I ordered the strawberry Yakult smoothie instead, and I forced my friend to get the fresh melon one. When the drinks came in, I swear I fell in love with my strawberry Yakult smoothie, just like the way I did with my fresh melon Yakult smoothie the first time I tried it. It is bursting with berry flavors without being too sweet. 

(L-R): Fresh melon Yakult, mango and passion fruit, and strawberry Yakult smoothies
For the mains, I was about to order my favourite Original Loin Set but I was honestly torn between that and the tuna katsu, and the shrimp, and the crab cream croquettes! It's a hard decision on my part!!!

Unlimted cabbage...

…and Japanese pickles

Saboten Glorietta 5 interiors
In the end, we both ordered the Saboten Special Set which consists of one deep fried shrimp, one loin cutlet 65g,  one tenderloin cutlet 30 g and one crab cream croquette, a perfect combination of the best of the best. This comes with miso soup, unlimited rice and side dishes like julienned cabbage and Japanese pickles. And to satisfy my cravings for tuna katsu, Mela ordered a tuna katsu a la carte for us to share. 

Saboten Special Set

If you're confused and do not know which one to order, Saboten's loin and tenderloin cutlets are the best option. These are thick slices of pork that are succulent enough to make you crave for more. The crisp batter adds a nice texture. 

The sauce, which is flown all the way from somewhere in Southeast Asia, gives each cutlet that signature sweet-tangy taste. While others prefer finely grounded sesame seeds on their sauce, I like mine with whole sesame seeds to add texture and bite. I like it with a scoop or two of Dijon mustard for added kick.

Mixing the sauce
The deep fried shrimp is just so heavenly -- think tempura with more meat than batter. I like this on my Dijon-overloaded tonkatsu sauce, too.

The crab cream croquette balanced all the tangy and spicy flavours on my plate. The croquette is oozing with rich and tasty cream and crab meat that's so soft you even split it in half using your chopsticks.

The side dishes were all veggies, so I let my friend and Mela indulge on it instead. While they are enjoying their cabbage and pickles, I enjoyed my miso soup, which is loaded with Japanese tofu and Wakame seaweeds. 

Dessert menu
For dessert, I was about to get a banana and blueberry parfait, one of the newest addition to Saboten Philippines' menu. While it is sure to whisk away the summer heat, I was too stuffed already so I had to pass on it. But just by looking at the photo on the menu I could see that the parfait will eventually become a hit.

So, is Saboten worth the walk despite the scorching heat of the sun? It is, definitely. 

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