The Best Crispy Pata in Cagayan de Oro

In my many visits to Cagayan de Oro, the only restaurant where I would usually eat at was at Dear Manok. Its version of crispy chicken skin is worth dying for (literally, hehe). But, five years later, when I went back to CdO, I've got to try something beyond the usual. We dined at Chicken Ati-Atihan at the busy corner of Pabayo and Hayes Streets.

Chicken Ati-Atihan is right across Frito Paborito

It was not my first time in Chicken Ati-Atihan. Five years ago, we would eat at its Iligan or Ozamis branches, where we would usually feast on chicken inasal (local barbecue) and buko halo halo. Little did I know that Chicken Ati-Atihan has the most HEAVENLY crispy pata!

Why am I so madly, deeply addicted to it? The killer crispy skin is just the forefront, wait until you get to slice the meat attached to it and a chunk of succulent and tasty goodness falls off the bone. It's the kind of crispy pata that is good to share, something that for the price of Php 328 won't make you feel as if you were deceived. We were four in the group and the serving size was just right.

The sinful, calorific crispy pata

Aside from the luscious crispy pata, Chicken Ati-Atihan also serves affordable meals perfect for students and budget travellers, again, without sacrificing decent portions and quality of ingredients.

Php 50 for a good meal???

Very Pinoy interiors
The classic favorites are still on the menu -- a mix of solo meals and signature dishes that are good to share.

Oh, and if you want rice, they'll give loads of it!!! There's an option to have unlimited servings of rice.

We opted to dine at the second floor where we had a nice view of the bustling street
So what else did we order? For appetizer, it was my ultimate favorite crispy chicken skin. I wonder why restaurants here in Manila couldn't replicate the texture of this one? It's damn good.

Crispy Chicken Skin (Php 80)
We also had Chicken Ati-Atihan's classic pecho (breast). The serving is huge for Php 95, even bigger than that of Mang Inasal, and the taste is at par.

Chicken Ati-Atihan Pecho with Unlimited Rice (Php 95)
The pork barbecue, with its tender and tasty meat, is perhaps the most affordable among the dishes that we had. It's Php 30, baby!!!
Pork Barbecue (Php 30)
To cap the night, we had another cult favorite - buko halo halo! Their version is unique because they use green banana or Cavendish instead of the sweetened one. The coconut meat, corn flakes, and ice cream when mixed are just so tempting. Again, one serving is good to share. This is the best buko halo halo in the Philippines for me, bar none.

Ati Buko Halo Halo (Php 75)
Chicken Ati-Atihan leaves your tummies filled with oh-so-good food without too much wallet damage. This is one restaurant that I will never get tired of coming back again and again. One note though, I feel like the branches in Mindanao are way, way better. Just my two cents.



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