Roaming Around Camiguin: Day 2 - Mantigue Island

When I was still doing my research about Camiguin, I knew from day one that I wanted to see four major spots: Sunken Cemetery, White Island, Mantigue Island, and the Kibila Giant Clams Nursery. I had actually thought of snorkeling in all these spots that I had to tell our guide, Teddy Pabualan (, to allot more time for us to do "our thing" (snorkeling, I mean). So, having our plans laid out, we were able to check out all four destinations, except that we only snorkeled in one -- at Mantigue Island Nature Park.

How to go there:
The most convenient means of getting at Mantigue Island is through hiring a multicab or a motorcycle that will bring you to the port at Brgy. San Roque in the town of Mahinog. The port is around 15 minutes away from Benoni Port and about 30-45 minutes away from Brgy. Yumbing in Mambajao where most of the resorts are.

If you are alone or with a travel buddy, you may also opt to hire a motorcycle with a driver to take you to the port. Kuya Teddy referred us to his friend, Dodong (more popularly known as "Ice Cream" as he used to work in an ice cream factory). His mobile number is +63935.3645811. He gave us a rate of Php 500 for transfers from Camiguin White Island Resort to Mantigue to Kibila Giant Clams Sanctuary and back.

At the port, pay the boat rental fee of Php 550 at the booth. Get the stub where your boat number is written and proceed to your assigned boat. The boat can fit a maximum of six people. All other fees such as environmental fees, table rentals, and snorkeling fees can be settled on the island itself. Just a tip, if you're not planning to snorkel at the marine sanctuary, do not pay the snorkeling fee just yet. You can still snorkel near the sand bar and I bet you will still see Nemo. By the way, snorkeling at the marine sanctuary also entails an additional Php 200 charge for your boat as they will have to bring you to the site about a few meters away from the shore. If you are confident that you can swim that far, then do it by all means.

Other fees at Mantigue Island
Our boat to Mantigue Island
The boat ride from he port to Mantigue Island takes about 45 minutes. The earlier you go, the better because the waves can get a little bumpy in the afternoon. Please also note that fish feeding is not allowed in Mantigue Island.

Read! Important!

What to do in Mantigue Island:

Explore the mini forest
Our guide told us that guests can actually explore the mini forest in Mantigue Island. Iasked if there's trekking or hiking required but he confirmed there's none. Plus, you don't have to worry about being baked in the heat of the sun as the trees shed shadows on the path, making it a refreshing, relaxing walk.

Have a picnic by the beach
There's an area where guests can eat and have a few drinks. You can bring your own or have the staff at the island cook something for you. It's more of a paluto-type of restaurant.
Picnic area
Frolic by the beach
Hey, you are here for this, aren't you? Mantigue Island has a shifting sand bar that is best for beach bumming. There are no beach beds nor cottages on the sand bar but you can still enjoy walking barefoot and sunbathing for sure. The current may be a bit tricky so make sure to stay near the shore at all times, unless you are wearing a lifevest and you are planning to snorkel.

I love the sun, sea, and sand here

The other side of the beach
As I have mentioned earlier in this post, you have two options:  snorkel at the marine sanctuary where you will need your boat to drop you off, or at the marked area near the sand bar. Either way, you'll get to see Nemo, but of course nothing can beat the marine life at the marine sanctuary itself! There are also turtles, corals, and a lot more. Again, no fish feeding please.

Nemo found me
So, if ever you visit Camiguin in the future, make sure to include Mantigue Island Nature Park in your itinerary. In my honest opinion, this is the best part of our Camiguin escapade.

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