I Left My Heart in Biliran (Part 4: Dalutan Island)

Dalutan Island
After having a sumptuous lunch in Sambawan Island, we packed our stuff and boarded the boat again. Under the scorching heat of the sun and despite the nerve wracking waves, we continued our journey towards Dalutan Island.

Dalutan Island is located just across Agta Beach Resort (about 10-15 minutes away). Since we came from Sambawan Island, it took us another hour to reach Dalutan. It is relatively smaller than Sambawan Island, but its marine life is as colorful and rich nonetheless. On good sea conditions, you can even go kayaking from Agta Beach Resort to Dalutan Island. If you are going to Dalutan Island alone, the boat rentals cost Php 500 roundtrip. But, just like us, we just included it in our itinerary (Kawayan Port-Sambawan-Dalutan-Agta).

Dalutan's beachfront
A minimal entrance fee of Php 20 per pax is imposed. Cottages and tables are available for daytrippers at Php 200. Strictly no camping/overnight at Dalutan Island as the caretaker leaves at 5:00 pm to go back to the mainland.

A table perfect for barbeque lunch

Swing, swing!

Pebbly beach at Dalutan Island

A tiny glimpse of Agta Beach Resort from Dalutan Island
The caretaker offered us fresh buko (coconut) juice at Php 20. The offer was too good to resist, and right there and then, we just had one of the sweetest buko juice we've ever tasted!

The highlight of our trip in Dalutan Island is none other than...(drumroll please!)...snorkeling! For those who would like to do intro-diving, Dalutan is the best place to be. Even on its shallow waters, we could already see the beautiful marine life underneath. Here are some snapshots:

Melo enjoying a dive

I was rushing to the shore when I saw the pipe fish!
Underwater photos by Melo Sabitsana 

Melo and Dalutan's caretaker on our way back to Agta Beach Resort
Approaching Agta Beach Resort
From the Scuba House in Agta Beach Resort, we could see Dalutan Island aflame with the bursting colours of the sun and the dark clouds
We arrived in Agta Beach Resort just before sunset. After settling down, Melo toured us along the Agta beachfront which I shall be writing about soon. Agta Beach Resort boasts a spectacular view of the sunset beside the fabled Dalutan Island. It was once featured on a broadsheet for having a beautiful view of purple sunset. Since it was turning gloomy that afternoon, we weren't able to see the vivid sunset, rather, we witnessed the fiery color of the sun as it embraces Dalutan Island like a horizontal flame.

Earlier before sunset
At this point, we could just imagine ourselves having a bonfire dinner at the Agta Beach Front or sending off sky lanterns to the magnificent sky above. Will probably do this next time.


Where to stay in Biliran:

Agta Beach Resort
Brgy. Talahid, Almeria, Biliran
(63)927-9772867 / (63)927-2880331 / (63)927-3343934

Special thanks to 
Toni Noriega and Melo Sabitsana 
of Agta Beach Resort


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