Lunch Break at the Beach House, Costa Pacifica Raintree

The Irresistible Bagnet at the Beach House
Before gearing up and exploring the picturesque Dicasalarin Cove, we decided to have lunch (heavy lunch at that) at Costa Pacifica's signature restaurant -- the Beach House. We ordered a la carte hoping to eat light but turned out the restaurant has humongous servings that we ended up full to the brim.

Upon the recommendation of Mela, the Raintree Group's Marketing Manager, we should never leave Baler without trying their different pako (fern) concoctions, as well as their refreshing buko (coconut) drinks. Without hesitation, hubby ordered pako salad and I ordered frozen buko-lychee shake. For the main course, we ordered baby back ribs and bagnet (crispy pork belly).

While waiting for our orders, we couldn't help but notice that food in Baler is relatively cheaper than other tourist destinations (hello Boracay, what's up with your skyrocket prices???). For a beautiful resort like Costa Pacifica (with similar resorts that would most likely price their food higher than market standards) the pricing of their a la carte and buffet meals are reasonable. Buffet is priced at roughly Php 485++ and a la carte ranges from Php 195-520. Isn't it cool? So, when you visit Baler, get ready to gain several pounds!

While taking photos of the poolside, my frozen buko-lychee shake and hubby's pako salad came in. The shake was divine -- rich and creamy crushed ice, coconut meat and lychees. It almost has the consistency of sherbet. It's not too sweet that's why I like it!

Frozen Buko-Lychee Shake

Pako Salad
I didn't try the salad because I am not into veggies, but hubby kept on raving about it. The serving was big enough to share but he was ab;e to finish it alone. So now, he has two favorites: pako and lato (seaweeds). He said it would complement savory meats like steaks, pork chops, or just like what I ordered, baby back ribs.

Baby Back Ribs
The Beach House's version of baby back ribs tends to be on the sweet-spicy side, which I actually like. The meat was succulent and tender. When I started slicing it with my knife, I could see its juices flowing out of each slice. Perfectly-char-grilled and works well with Java rice. The tangy sauce on the side provides a good contrast over the sweet and smoky flavors of the ribs.

There was a local band serenading us during lunch
For our last day, Costa Pacifica hosted an Asian buffet complete with a local band who serenaded us while having lunch.

I started with a warm bowl of miso ramen. The ramen station has different condiments including my favorites: different kinds of mushrooms, furikake (a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, and salt), and nori. 

Ramen Station
Since Baler is a coastal town, seafood is abundant. A local version of yellow fin tuna is widely available. There was seared tuna in sesame sauce which is obviously fresh! The tender, juicy meat is a nice starter to pair with ramen.

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna in Sesame Sauce
There was also Thai fish cakes that's a bit spicy for my liking but delectable, nevertheless.

Thai Fish Cakes
I also had pad thai prepared right in front of me. Warning: servings are seriously huge! You can share your pad thai with your better half.

Pad Thai Station
If you're craving for something Western with a twist, you can try the Baler pizza, or the red curry yogurt seafood pizza. Best with hot sauce. Yum!

Pizza Station

For desserts, there's calamansi (local citrus) brazo de mercedez, a variety of cakes, fresh fruits, and brown sticky rice.

Calamansi Brazo de Mercedez

Brown Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream and Tapioca

Oh, and don't forget to wash everything out with fresh coconut water! While the buffet spread at the Beach house is not as broad as that of five-star hotels, one thing is for sure -- every meal at the Beach House is an affair to remember. Here, you've got to try out new things including some well-loved local delicacies. Up next, see how we indulge on the Beach House dinner buffet.

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Costa Pacifica Raintree
80 Buton St, Sitio Labasin,
Barangay Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines

Manila Office:
4/F Universale Building,
106 Paseo de Roxas cor. Perea Street, Makati
tel (632) 576.4555 | fax (632) 893.2561

Special thanks to Mr. Randy Salvador, 
Ms. Mela  Sison, Mr. Sherwin Cruz, 
and Ms. Pettina Mae Cruz for making 
our stay memorable.


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