Our First Lunch in Misibis Bay Resort and Casino

We arrived at Misibis Bay Resort and Casino at a little past noon, and after a swift check-in, we headed straight to the resort's signature restaurant, the Spice Market. We hurried to get a seat and be able to indulge in the lunch buffet as we wanted to sample the restaurant's sumptuous offerings.

Spice Market is inspired by the flavours of the Southeast Asian markets and fish villages. It offers a variety of cuisines, from the spicy Bicolano favourites to delectable specials from the world over.

My favourite are the cheese, taco and sushi stations. It's just the best set of appetizers for me. The do-it-yourself taco station is perfect for kids and parents alike. You can create your own with an assortment of condiments like green and black olives, spicy beef, grated cheese, corn, beans, and a lot more.

My own version of taco

The bread and cheese station features a decent assortment of cheeses and freshly-baked breads. My favourite is Emmental mixed with raisins or blueberries. It's the best companion for the warm soft roll.

Assorted cheeses
I love how fresh the salmon and tuna sashimi are. They are so tender and succulent, perfect for a spicy wasabi-soy dip. Their selection of freshly-rolled sushi is also fantastic! See that lone cream cheese maki? It was such a blockbuster so I had to hoard!!!


The Spicy Misibis Roll is, well, the spiciest maki I've ever had, so better beware. It was yummy nonetheless.

My sushi and sashimi platter

Pork Siomai

The pork siomai with the spicy chili oil and soy sauce is also a great appetizer. I had a few pieces myself and I couldn't stop getting from the tray.

The restaurant's interiors reflects a true Filipino vibe, with warm hues and wooden pieces reminiscent of a typical Filipino interior design.

For the main course, there's a grill station where you can have squid, salmon, tuna belly, pork, and chicken grilled the way you want it. I indulged on squid and salmon, while hubby enjoyed tuna belly and pork. Again, everything is fresh!

From the grill station

squid and salmon

There's also a carvery where you can have your carnivore fix. Have it seared a bit and indulge in thick and savoury pepper sauce.

The carvery

The Bicolano corner offers pinangat, a local Bicolano dish made of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk. In Manila, it is more popularly known as laing. There's also ginataang manok (spicy chicken simmered in coconut milk), a dish close to Bohol's hinalang na manok.

From the Bicolano corner

The chandeliers at the Spice Market is a conversation piece in itself. These cylindrical lighting fixture provide warm amber lights at night.

Back to the mains, my favourite is their version of beef caldereta. The meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, and the sauce is creamy and spicy just the way I like it. I love cheesy calderetas, and having olives on it makes it even more exciting for my taste.

Beef Caldereta

Adobong Puti, as featured on Kris TV is chicken and pork simmered in vinegar and patis (fish sauce) with lots of garlic and pepper. It's spicy, too, and I love it!

Adobong Puti

A create-your-own pasta station offers white, red, and pesto sauces in a variety of pastas like spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and penne. We tried creating our own version of carbonara and we were surprised with the serving size. HUGE! So, the next time I ordered something from the pasta station, I told the staff to just give a quarter of a whole serving.

Customized Carbonara

For desserts, there's a halo-halo station, chocolate fondue, gummy bears and cookies for the kids, as well as a variety of panna cotta, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and other artisan cakes and pastries.

Halo-Halo Station



The mixed fruit cheesecake is delish, as well as the panna cotta - light and not too sweet.

Mango Panna Cotta and Mixed Fruits Cheesecake

Mini cupcakes


Oh, and by the way, did I ever mention that I finally found a buko shake that can rival my ultimate favourite buko shake from Coco Grove Beach Resort in Siquijor? Yes, you can find it at Misibis. So creamy and rich, plus the tinge of lychee adds a refreshing touch. Yum yum!

Buko-Lychee Shake

Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines
T:(63 52) 487 1540 / C: (63917) 599 1590 F:(63 52) 487 1540

Manila Sales and Reservations Office
1108 Tektite West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center,1605 Pasig City, Phillippines
T: (63 2) 661 8888     F: (63 2) 470 3607     E: reservations@misibisbay.com 

Legazpi Office
Hotel Venezia
Renaissance Gardens, Washington Drive, 
Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines
T: (63 52) 481.0888


Special thanks to Misibis Bay Resort and Casino's 
General Manager, Mr. Ian Mayer Varona and 
Revenue Manager, Ms. Cherry Rodriguez


  1. Because of your blog Miss Matet, my fiance and I are planning to go to Misibis. :)

  2. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! =)

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