Breaky at the Misibis' Spice Market

My starter plate consists of bread, butter, cheese and a slice of smoked salmon

We were so tempted to wake up late on our last day, but the ATV tour to the hilltop was just too good to pass on. The alarm rang at 4:00 am and we were supposed to be ready by 5:00 am, but we fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes later. It was raining a bit so the guide said it's okay if delay it a bit with the hope that the rain would stop and the sun would rise at the right time. Well, the rain didn't stop but we still enjoyed our ATV tour. When we went back from the tour, we were starving and we felt as though the rocky mountains and the adrenaline rush made us all famished. So, after freshening up, we headed to Spice Market for our breaky. This time, we stayed indoors for a change.

The interiors of Spice Market
Of course, I checked out the cheese station first, making sure that I get a few slices of Emmental and Laughing Cow. I also had a soft roll and butter.

Cheese Station
By now you might noticed that I am madly in love with salmon: raw, cooked, smoked, whatever. This breakfast session is not an exception. I had a few slices of smoked salmon and paired it with Laughing Cow cheese. Yum!

Cold Cuts and Salads 

I was so happy to see a Nespresso machine at Misibis Bay. Been wanting to have one like this at home. I just like how it perfectly creates your caffeine fix whichever way you want it. My favorite is Lungo Forte, kinda strong for hubby's taste but I want it that way. Strong and kickin' me alive the whole day! It creates frothy cappucinos, too! Santa, can you give me a Nespresso machine, even the small one, this Christmas? Please, please. I'll be good, promise. =)

Nespresso spotted in Misibis Bay

Nespresso capsules available

My cappucino
Hubby was trying to be healthy with his fruits and veggies. Plus, two soft rolls and a slice of Emmental.

Healthy options
There was a pancake station where you can choose your toppings and sauce: maple, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, choco chips and candied sprinkles. Kids will love this corner!

Pancake with all the sauces, hehe
I also had a mushroom, bacon and cheese omelet, native longganisa, corned beef and fried fish. I heart the fried fish together with my omelet. Very Filipino!

Filipino plate

Native longganisa

Assorted fried fish

The alfresco area
This time, we just had cookies and jelly beans for dessert. It's so nice to feel like a kid sometimes!

Jelly beans and cookies at the dessert station

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Special thanks to Misibis Bay Resort and Casino's 
General Manager, Mr. Ian Mayer Varona and 
Revenue Manager, Ms. Cherry Rodriguez


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