A well-deserved dinner at the veranda
Our first day in Surigao was such a long, long day. Imagine having to wake up as early as 4:00 am to catch our 7:00 am flight to Butuan, and from there we had to travel three hours to get to the Surigao City. And right after lunch, we went on a tour, hiking the hills of Punta Bilar and braving the waves at Mabua pebble beach. But don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. It was such a great experience having to explore this understated city off northeastern Mindanao.

So when we went back to our suite at Almont Beach Resort, the ever attentive front office staff asked us if we'd rather have dinner at our suite's veranda. Of course, the offer was too hard to resist. Our limbs were all aching from the activities earlier during our trip, and the thought of not leaving our suite for dinner was a relief!

A few minutes later, our food came in and to our delight, the staff set it up nicely at the veranda complete with placemats made of indigenous materials, as well as a bucket of ice for our after-dinner drinks.

The food was nothing fancy, but very tasty and homey. We started with clear vegetable soup that was served steaming hot. The macaroni salad was a bit sweet for my preference, but flavourful nonetheless.

The main course was grilled chicken with gravy and crispy fish fillet. The fish was so fresh!

The dessert tastes like a homemade pudding. This is actually one of my favourite desserts at Almont Beach Resort.

After eating our dinner, we chat about what had happened during the day over some ice-cold drinks, a perfect way to cap the night. We slept a bit before midnight to have enough rest as we had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch the 5:00 am pump boat to Siargao. And guess what, the staff at the front desk even told us that they will be happy to pack our breakfast so that we have something to eat on our way to Siargao. This means a chef would be waking up as early as 3:00 am to prepare our meals! Impeccable service, that is!



  1. Ilove it nagutom ako bigla ....

  2. wow that was so sweet, preparing your brekkie ahead of time... and i am so dying to know if you rode the 5 am trip to siargao because we missed it when we were there... :)


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