Team Building at Peninsula de Punta Fuego

A view from San Diego fine dining restaurant

Two weeks ago, we had our much awaited company outing at the picturesque Peninsula de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas. All the while I thought there is only one "Punta Fuego" in Batangas. Sorry for the  ignorance. Little did I know that Peninsula, Terrazas and the Yacht Club comprise Club Punta Fuego. I blogged about a rest house we had rented in Terrazas de Punta Fuego (click here) some time in 2011. Here's a map of Club  Punta Fuego for your reference.

So, is it open for non-members, non-owners? The answer -- yes, but in selected parts of the Club only. There are Casitas and Suites that are available for rent (price starts at around Php 8,000, see here : In Terrazas, there are privately-owned beach houses that are available for rent. In Peninsula however, we saw a sign that says "Please be informed that short term (less than 6 months) renting of residential houses in Peninsula de Punta Fuego is not allowed. Please respect the village's privacy." There, well said.

The pool near the lower beach

Going back to our company outing, after an about 3-hour drive from Manila, we finally arrived at Peninsula de  Punta Fuego, and their staff gave us a warm welcome. We were served cold towels and welcome drinks -- refreshing after that long travel time!

We were then led to San Diego, the Club's fine dining restaurant, for our morning snacks. In fairness, the food was good! We had some Mexican empanada for snacks. I like how the tangy flavours burst into my mouth with the flaky crust.

Mexican Empanada
 After our morning snacks, we were shuttled to the lower beach for our team building activities. Beside the lower beach is the pool and water activity center, as well as Il Jardineto, an al fresco dining restaurant by the poolside.

Red lounge chairs adds a pop of colour
 We had some fun at the obstacle course, and the bucket race gave us some adrenalin boost, definitely. But the highlight of our trip was this: underwater cam-whoring! Sorry, I have no photos of the marine sanctuary as they wouldn't lend  me a life vest! Haha!

Using Sony Cybershot TF1
 The beach also looks out to another scenic island with white-sand shores. I wonder what island is that? Can't wait to see it for myself.

And here is the lower beach. I was quite hesitant to have a dip into the water here because I could still recall Terrazas' not-so-clean beach, but when I saw the fine sand and the clear water (way,way,way clearer than in Terrazas), I felt more than happy to oblige. The beach here is serene. Of course, stop comparing it to Boracay. We all know that we don't have that kind of sand here in Batangas. My friend, Irog Jose, had a chance to go snorkeling (yes, he has his own life vest, snorkel, mask, and even fins!) and he was amazed by the rich marine life there. There were giant clams and schools of big, colourful fishes. From the shore, we could also see some schools of fishes, only monochromatic.

The pristine lower beach

The SPECIAL award goes to...the Green Team!!!
And while we didn't win the championship this year (yeah, we were the last, hehe!), we felt like champions in the company of good old friends and colleagues. The time we spent, the meals we shared, the games we played, the laughter we had, are all priceless. Here's to the next PT team building! Cheers!
I can't get enough of this flame tree. =)


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