The Fireplace: Carnivores' Haven

Australian Wagyu Beef Rib-Eye Tajima
One balmy evening, we went on a dinner date -- a huge one at that! -- at The Fireplace. Located in the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Malate, the restaurant boasts finest cuts in town. While the price here is not for the fainthearted,  (steaks can go as high as 5k!) the quality of the steaks on offer alone is enough to bewitched you.
Wood-fired Beech Oven
 Dishes are whipped from their copper wood-fired Beech oven.

The Fireplace Caesar Salad

I had their set menu which already includes a salad, a 6 oz rib-eye steak and a dessert.

The Fireplace Caesar Salad comprised freshly-tossed greens, Prosciutto ham and shavings of Parmesan cheese. The dressing is very light yet zesty. The 6 0z. Australian Wagyu Beef Rib-eye Tajima that's part of the set meal is so good and worth every penny. It's succulent and well-seasoned. The potato gratin and mashed potato with truffle oil are perfect side  dishes for this.

Baby Back Ribs
 The Baby Back Ribs is also good and tender, and leans towards the sweet side. It comes with a serving of fries.

The interiors is warm and cosy, and is ideal for dates and business lunches.

Hot Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Cracked Pepper Ice Cream
 And for dessert, the sinful Hot Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Cracked Pepper Ice Cream is a chocoholic's dream. This sweet molten chocolate fudge is perfect with the cold ice cream on top.

 Warm Mango and Almond Cobbler ala mode
If choclate is not your thing, you will definitely love the warm mango cobbler with vanilla ice cream. It's a perfect marriage of hot and cold in there!


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