A Travel Guide on Boracay's Twin Sister, Carabao Island, Romblon: Part 2 (Where to stay?)

We arrived at Carabao Island at around 9:00am, and the boatman led us to the mayor's house where we will meet Edison Manuel (09183303718), our guide. The mayor's house is also known as Republic of Inobahan -- a pension house that can accommodate guests in either fan or aircon rooms. However, the house was fully booked that time and Edison was kind enough to assist us in looking for a homestay on Said beach.

Just a few meters away from the mayor's house is Ate Luzvie's house. She is Edison's cousin who has a spare room in her newly-built house that she rents out for Php 500 per night. The two-storey place  is really homey. What's good is that it has its own solar power generator since the island has intermittent power supply. There is power supply from 3:00pm to 11:00 pm only, so having a generator is a big relief. Plus, if there's no power supply on the island, there is also no water supply, and with the solar power generator, everything seems just as normal. I was told the the mayor's house has a solar power generator for the aircon rooms only.

The facade of Ate Luzvie's house
Ate Luzvie's house is situated along the street where the mayor's house is. It is also just a few steps away from Said beach and the port. The room is spacious and cozy, with a double bed that has clean and comfortable beddings. The windows open to a refreshing veranda where we would have coffee in the morning and after a day at the beach.

Our cozy bed for three days
It also has a spacious and clean bathroom, with hot and cold shower. The water pressure is strong when power supply is on. Water supply may be limited only during blackouts, but still manageable.

The bathroom

A separate toilet

shower area
A sweet bonus is that Ate Luzvie was so accommodating and kind. She made us feel at home for the entire duration of our stay. She even let us use her kitchen where we would reheat our canned goods and rice bought from a nearby restaurant. Her sister would also assist us in cooking and washing the dishes. Thumbs up for the hospitality! Maraming salamat Ate Luzvie!

Ate Luzvie's kitchen

The veranda
This is the street where you can find  some homestays in Said beach, and this is  also where Ate Luzvie's house and the Republic of Inobahan are located. Walking this street is kinda relaxing, with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze, as well as the chirping birds on the background. It's a very quiet place actually. We were the on a Holy Week, when people are all out on beach destinations like Boracay, Cebu and Palawan, but in Said beach, we felt as if we rented the entire beach! We only saw a few locals from time to time. Serene is an understatement.

The street by the beach

The Republic of Inobahan is the only established resort on Said beach. It has fan and aircon rooms, and the cheapest you can get is at around Php 1,000 per night. I've read that there is a restaurant and bar here but I haven't noticed it throughout our stay in Romblon. The place, though looks beautiful. I was also told that there is plan to build a 650-room resort and casino here, together with an international airport. I have no objections to future developments, but I just hope that this would really give jobs to the locals, and that the locals will remain responsible ecologically speaking.

Republic of Inobahan

The lanai at the mayor's house
Location- and price-wise, I highly recommend to stay in Said (San Jose/Inobahan) side instead of on Lanas beach. Not only will you own this paradise for a day or two, but you will also find a better, cheaper deal with the homestays near it.

Said Beach in Carabao Island
Lanas beach, on the other hand is nearer to Boracay. From the beach, you can already see the famous Puka beach, however, the sand here is not as fine and as white as in Said beach. The good news is, it has the best views of the sunset. From Said beach, we rode a motorcycle c/o Kuya Leo to Lanas beach. Rates for a special roundtrip transfers is at Php 300 (2 pax).

Along Lanas beach, there are quite a number of established resorts already, usually owned by foreigners, or foreigners who married a Filipina. Kuya Leo brought us to Ivy's Vine Resort where we ordered some drinks while waiting for the sunset. We also saw  some foreigners playing billiards in there. The place is nice and has fan and aircon rooms. I overheard the lady talking to a foreigner that their fan rooms costs Php 1,500. I'm kinda confused though because their website says they have a room  for as low as Php 500 - http://www.carabao-island.com/accomodation/.

Ivy's Vine Resort entrance
The cottages at Ivy's Vine Resort
Lanas Beach
The beach on Lanas resembles the beaches in Batangas, a bit rocky and far from being white. This is also where most of the boats that offer island hopping in Boracay dock after a day of work. So, if you're hitching a ride  from Boracay, better make sure to ask where it will dock to avoid inconvenience.

Sunset at Lanas Beach

Other accommodations in Lanas beach are The Beach House and Nipa Hauz.


Edison Manuel (Guide) - 09183303718
Ben Merque (Boatman) - 09499423668/09153616586

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