Roughing it out in Calaguas (Part 2)

The cleanest shore I've seen so far

Since there are no resorts yet in Calaguas as of this writing, the only option is to pitch a tent, grill your food and enjoy a boodle fight. Exciting, isn't it? =)

Sir Noli Tourism Officer of Vinzons (09206611018), had lent us two tents, each can fit two people. Tents are usually for rent starting at Php 100 up, but you can also sleep at the open cabanas. I am not sure though how much they are renting out the cabanas.

When we were there, there was only one source of fresh water -- a deep-well where we had to get water by ourselves and bring it to the bathroom which is a few meters away from the water source. You can also take a shower (by the deep-well) and just pay Php 10. This will save your biceps to carry the huge pail of water!

There was also a concrete bathroom, but it needs improvement on sanitation. There was no water and electricity in there, so at night, bring your flashlights or hold your pee until sunrise.

Tents are pitched near the trees
Since there are no restaurants in Calaguas, you have to buy all your supplies from the mainland. Our friends took care of buying our food at the Vinzons Public Market. Our "chef" Uly was so prepared that he even brought his butane stove! But if you don't have one, better bring lots of charcoal!

As for the food, our budget is Php 300 each, but we went a bit over and spent almost Php 400 each. This already includes 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast..and by that I mean crabs, fish, pork, veggies, rice, booze and even chips! Plus, our friend had brought some Spam and tuna, and we cooked it as additional breakfast! Talk about camping!

Crabs galore

Our sumptuous breakfast

Man, I can't recall how many of these I ate in a snap! (Photo by Sherwin Evangelista)

Prawns courtesy  of Sir Noli
 We also bought some native delicacies before leaving Vinzons. These donuts and suman are so delish! The suman wasn't that sweet, but it's chewy!

Local desserts, anyone?
When in Calaguas, make sure to bring a sleeping bag, or a small comforter that you can use as a liner in your tent. I wasn't able to bring mine and so I just drank the night away to make sure I fall asleep fast! True enough, I slept tight amidst the hard surface, LOL. Make sure also to bring a heavy duty flashlight that you can hang in your tent so that it won't be eerie dark at night.

Our home in Calaguas
And after a few drinks and crab fat overdose, we settled inside our tents and called it a day. Too bad, we had  to leave the next day. Bitin.

To sum it up, here are a few things you should bring when embarking on a DIY trip to Calaguas:

1. Tent (unless you want to just rent one)
2. Sleeping bag, a thick towel or a pillow
3. Heavy duty flash lights
4. Charcoal or butane stove
5. Insect repellent
6. Sunblock
7. Wide-brim hat
8. Cooking pots/pans
9. Disposable plates/spoons/forks/knives

Up next, roaming around Vinzons, Camarines Norte


Special thanks to:
Mayor Agnes Diezmo-Ang (Vinzons, Camarines Norte)
Noli Pajarin (Vinzons Tourism Office)


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