Roaming Around Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Reichan Tabeya's Halo-Halo
Back in mainland Vinzons, we had the chance to roam around town for some food tripping and pasalubong shopping. Since it was already lunchtime when we arrived in town, Sir Noli invited us for lunch at Reichan Tabeya, a hole in the wall restaurant just across the municipal hall. The name may sound too Japanese, but the dishes served here are not even close to sushi. Reichan Tabeya is known for its delicious halo-halo. In fact, it is said to be the best in Vinzons.

I did not order halo-halo for myself because I was already starving (read:craving for carbs), but when my friends who ordered halo-halo asked me to try it, I must admit I envied them. The ice is not your ordinary shaved ice. It is flavored with refreshing melon, similar to my childhood favorite -- melon twin popsies. There was a scoop of ube ice cream and creamy leche flan on top of about a dozen other sweets on it. So when in Vinzons, don't dare miss the chance to eat halo-halo at Reichan Tabeya!

Reichan Tabeya is just a quaint restaurant in Vinzons, with tables that can fit around 20-25 people. As mentioned, they do not serve Japanese food. Rather, they have the following:

Sir Noli ordered the food for us. We had Crispy Chicken, Pancit Canton, Crispy Pork Sisig and Chopsuey. The servings are good to share. We were six on our table and we didn't even finish eveything Sir Noli had ordered. Good value!

Their version of Pancit Canton is the kind that is saucy and with lots of veggies on it. It's good actually! I actually had more of this than rice (mapagpanggap lang).

Pancit Canton
The Crispy Chicken is just like your ordinary breaded chicken sans the gravy.

Crispy Chicken
The Crispy Sisig is a winner! Aptly named,  it was heavenly crisp! I tasted a bit of mayonnaise and chili on it, a reason why I love it! Pasok na pasok!

We were actually interested in trying out their Tofu con Lechon but there were too many food on our table already. I bet it's good, too!

Crispy Sisig
For those on a tight budget, there is also a "food court" in front of Reichan Tabeya. Here, you can have meals for less than Php100 bucks.

Affordable Food Court

After having lunch, we went to Jannah's, a pasalubong center just a few steps away from Reichan Tabeya. This is where you can buy Camarines Norte's famous pandecillos -- a puff pastry with caramelized pili nuts. It is actually a crossover between a butterscotch, mazapan de pili and vol au vent.

I got some boxes of Pandecillos at Php 120 each. You can also ask them to remove the boxes if you do not want to carry these bulky cartons.

You can also buy some crispy pili nuts -- a peanut brittle counterpart in Bicol.

I also got some salabat (ginger ale) for my friend. This is actually good for colds and cough, as well as digestive problems.

Bottled Bicol Express is also available.

After shopping for pasalubong, we went to the oldest church in Camarines Norte, the St. Peter Church, which, in an unfortunate event, was burned down last December 2012. The church was built in 1600's by the Franciscans.

Photo by Sherwin Evangelista
I cannot explain how I felt when I saw the ruins of the church. For a structure who has been here for four centuries, it has definitely witnessed pieces of history that had transpired in the town of Vinzons over the years. Sad.

Photo by Sherwin Evangelista

Photo by Sherwin Evangelista

After taking some photos of the church, we went straight to the DLTB bus terminal where we boarded a bus bound to Manila. Bus left at 3:00 pm and we arrived Manila at 12:00 midnight.

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Special thanks to:
Mayor Agnes Diezmo-Ang (Vinzons, Camarines Norte)
Noli Pajarin (Vinzons Tourism Office)


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