Mabuhay Palace at The Manila Hotel

Singaporean Chili Crabs
As promised, I am giving a roundup of some of the Chinese restaurants in the country to welcome the year of the water snake.

The Manila Hotel remains the Grand Dame of hotels in the country. With rooms that envelopes you with nostalgic memories, to a spectacular view of the sunset by the bay, The Manila Hotel continues to delight its patrons over the decades. And its restaurants form part of this fame. As a matter of fact, Mabuhay Palace remains one of the favorite Chinese restaurants in Manila. Let me tell you why.

The interiors vibrate a melange of modern and traditional Oriental charm. Red, black and gold surround the entire dining area, with huge round tables perfect for a family get together.

Its wide array of authentic Cantonese fare will definitely please your palate. Start with a warm bowl of noodle soup that has a generous mix of seafood, pork and mushrooms. The hearty soup is a healthy meal in itself, so you might want to consider splitting it into two.

Braised Beancurd with Chinese Mushrooms and Vegetables

Vegetarians will love the delectable  braised beancurd with Chinese mushrooms and vegetables. The soft beancurd is a light, yet tummy-filling alternative to meat.
Long Life Prawn with Three Dips

The restaurants' signature dish,  Long-Life Prawns, gives a different twist to the usual battered tempura, with crisp vermicelli wrapped around giant prawns. The three dips such as the fruity plum, wasabi mayonnaise and hoisin sauce give a nice interplay of flavors from sweet to tangy to zesty. The Singaporean Chili Crabs is so sinful and tempting with its right intensity of spiciness on fat humungous crabs. Cap your dining experience with their hot house tea.

The service is nevertheless impeccable, with its attentive and well-trained staff. This, perhaps, is what makes Mabuhay Palace alive and kicking for decades. Because good food and ambiance are irrelevant if not complemented with outstanding service...just my two cents.


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