Buffet Breakfast at F Restaurant Lounge

Our weekend staycation isn't complete without having a sumptuous buffet breakfast together. If there are two things that my  husband and I agree on, it's our love for food and our desire to travel. So, having buffet breakfasts and sampling different cuisines from the world over are just some of our favorite bonding moments. We love to share insights on food, (and don't kill us) but we love to replicate these dishes at home if time permits.

Without further ado, let me take you to where we had our breakfast this morning -- F Restaurant Lounge at the third floor of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel. Last night, we had the chance to lounge by the poolside, and on our way back, we passed by the hotel's lone restaurant where these stunning artful furniture took our attention. The swirls in vivid red add drama to the dining area, and the ceiling details are just so beautiful!

Natural light bathes the dining area through wide glass sheets. Lines are almost everywhere -- on the ceiling, walls, and buffet counters. These lines balance the circular patterns of the furniture at the entrance. Pardon me if I had to blur the people on the photo, as I highly respect everyone's privacy.

We entered the restaurant trying not to be confused on where to start. The no-frills buffet spread looks enticing, and so we can't wait but dig in our forks into some delish fare. I roamed around first to see what I can munch on. There's a spread of the usual bacon and eggs, as well as an omelette station, a soup and dumpling station, a noodle station, a salad and sushi bar and another station dedicated to artisanal breads.

The assorted artisanal breads look tempting, but I tried not to give in yet. Well, on the contrary, hubby wasn't able to control his desire for these little cuties. So, his first plate comprised of mini pancakes and waffles and some slices of cheese.

How cute was the presentation of the mini glazed donuts. If Akisha were with us, I am sure, she'll go back to this station again and again.

As mentioned, here's hubby's first round of breakfast basics. The pancakes were tempting, and so were the cheeses. So I got some cheese for myself, too. I'll repeat this again -- I can eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any kind. Hard. Soft. Gourmet. Basic ones. Name it, as long as it's cheese, I will surely love it.

While hubby started with the sweet ones, I, on the contrary, started with a steaming bowl of miso soup. There were two choices actually: miso soup and arroz caldo. I am not so fond of arroz caldo except when it's raining or when I'm doomed with fever, so that made me decide to have the former. Plus, my palate is craving for something Japanese, and this miso soup was a nice start. I added some silken tofu and spring onion for some zest.

After I finished my miso soup, I went back to the buffet spread to get something "sinful". Yes, you guessed it right... I had slices of bacon, scrambled eggs, mashed potato and a small portion of roast chicken. The bacon and scrambled eggs were so hearty...and addicting! The roast chicken was just average, though. It could have been more tasty on the inside, but nonetheless, it went well with the creamy mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes by the way were thin shavings of potato with a rich texture -- almost like a gratin, only, it wasn't baked (or at least I thought it wasn't).

Breakfast isn't complete without caffeine boost, so we each had a cup of coffee. It was lighter than expected, but I am sure you can ask them to give you a stronger blend if you wish.

Hubby's second plate comprised of luncheon meat, sausage, scrambled eggs, mashed potato, sauteed spicy shrimps and veggies, and plain rice. I got tempted with the plump shrimps, so I got some, too. The spiciness was just perfect to wake us up!

Towards the other end of the dining area is the salad, cold cuts and sushi bar. I got some kani sushi and indulged in tangy wasabi-soy dip. I also got some feta cheese, croutons, cold cuts, olives, parmesan and Caesar dressing. This is the closest I can get to a leafy salad, as I don't really eat veggies. =)

For hubby's third plate, he got some fresh melon slices, half a banana, and some greens.

And for his fourth plate (I am sure he'll kill me now for sharing to the world how big his appetite is, hehe), he got some sweets again -- banana bread, cupcakes and danish.

F also has a great selection of red and white wines but we figured out it's too early for some tannins! This might be perfect for a night at the poolside bar, while having some cheese (yes, cheese again!) and cold cuts.

Overall, our breakfast was great and indeed,  it started our day right. C'est la vie!

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel
32nd Street Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: (63.2) 928.9888
Fax: (63.2) 928.1888
Email: inquiry@bwpf1hotel.com


  1. wow, i love breakfast buffets! the ensaymada looks inviting *drools*

  2. their breakfast spread looks good! we had dinner here last time and I was disappointed with their few selections.. maybe we should have visited for breakfast instead :)


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