The Power of Hilot at Amuma Spa

Bean bags covered in brightly-colored sarong at the spa lounge
Trekking, snorkeling, land travels and even laughing out loud for three straight days is fun...but can be a bit exhausting. So this led us to indulge on a blissful Signature Hilot massage at Bluewater Maribago's Amuma Spa on our last night in Cebu. 

Foot massage area where Pikpik Kawayan Sa Siki is done
Amuma is a Visayan word that means to pamper, indulge with every attention, comfort and care. True enough, everything at Amuma Spa spoils you to a rejuvenating experience - from the lounge with cozy sarong-covered bean bags in vivid hues to the luxurious exclusive treatment rooms. 

The shower room is complete with premium bath amenities. The invigorating scent of lemongrass is all over the place. Hot and cold water is provided, as well as clean towels and a hair dryer.

The shower room
Inside the shower room
The spacious couple's room features two comfy massage beds, a Jacuzzi, a steam bath and shower and a toilet - all exclusive for you. The room's  temperature can be lowered according to your preference. After I took a shower, I told my therapist that I'll use the steam bath and Jacuzzi after the massage so that she can fill in the tub and preheat the steam room. All I had to do is lay down, relax and enjoy the rest of the treatment.

The couple's room
Amuma Signature Hilot combines techniques from the different parts of the Philippines into one relaxing and therapeutic massage. I remember when I was still a child, my mom would always send me to a manghihilot when I have a sprain or a fever that won't go away. Hilot is a centuries-old healing practice that employs soothing strokes to melt away muscle pains. At Amuma Spa, the 90-minute Signature Hilot starts with putting a warm banana leaf on the back to loosen tense muscles, followed by gentle kneading with virgin coconut oil. It is combined with other native rituals such as Tuob (foot wash), Hingut-an (hair-pulling) and Tsa (tea).

After the relaxing massage, the steam room was ready so I indulged in a warm steam bath. I love steam baths because it isn't as dry as sauna.

Private steam bath
After 15 minutes in the steam room, I soaked myself into the warm and bubbly Jacuzzi to cap the treatment. I stayed for another 15 minutes and savored the lemongrass-infused air. The therapist went in to check onme and asked if I want a cup of hot tea.  Of course, I did not resist the offer. I dressed up and met her at the lounge where she served us tea.

Floating stairs
The massage is indeed a perfect ending to our quick island getaway. After we went back to our room, we slept soundly dreaming that this vacation will happen again.


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