Golden Cowrie, Cebu

Baked Scallops
I've been to Cebu countless times, be it for business or pleasure. But it was only this time that I was able to roam around the city in search for Cebu's best restaurants. We had lunch in Casa Verde, and the famed ribs did not disappoint. For dinner, we headed to Golden Cowrie, hoping to have another unforgettable dining experience.

The setup is more like Gerry's Grill or Dencio's, or Kalye Juan - typical Filipino restaurant. We dined at their branch in Robinson's just a few meters away from Hotel Stella. As suggested, we ordered Imbao Soup (Php 122), Baked Scallops (Php 129), and their signature dish, Crispy Dinuguan (Php 99).

The Baked Scallops were good, with rich melted cheese toppings that made me finish almost all of it on the plate! Scallops are just too divine. (I'm missing Islas de Gigantes for that!)

The Crispy Dinuguan was a bit overrated. For one, it was not crispy anymore when it was served to us. And second, the serving size was small for the price. The taste was nothing spectacular. I still love Kanin Club's version. =)

Crispy Dinuguan
The Imbao Soup tastes something like a convergence of nilaga, tinola and sinigang. The clams were fresh and succulent. Though the broth is so-so (I can sense MSG here.)

Imbao Soup
For its serving size and average taste, I came into the conclusion that Golden Cowrie is overrated...or was it the branch that made the difference? I'd love to dine at the main branch next time to compare.


  1. Beautiful scallops! I will make sure to visit this restaurant when I find myself in Cebu. Thanks for sharing :)

    I hope you can visit my blog too.


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