Postcards from El Nido (Tour B)

Entalula Island
After the exhilarating encounter with the gigantic fishes in Simizu Island, our boatman brought us to Entalula Island, our first stop for the second leg of our combination tour A and B. I must admit I was quite disappointed with the island, or should I say I just expected too much? Either way, I think Entalula Island is just like an ordinary beach, nothing more, nothing less. Plus, the waves here are big that we did not enjoy swimming as much as we did in other beaches we've been on that same day. So, after checking the sand and taking some photos, we asked the boatman to bring us to our next destination - Cudugnon Cave.

On our way to Cudugnon Cave, we passed by El Nido Resort's newest all-villa property, the Pangulasian Island Resort. Before, the island was open to the public and was indeed part of tour B. But when it was developed and became a private resort, the owners closed it to the public to give their guests more privacy. There goes the problem - I find it so unfair that private resort owners ban people from intruding their islands when they can easily conquer any island they want anytime.

Pangulasian Island
At Cudugnon Cave, we had to pass by a hole on the rocks. It was so dark inside that I got a bit claustrophobic. The eerie cave used to be a burial ground for the early dwellers of El Nido.

Cudugnon Cave

On our way to our next stop, we passed by Cathedral Cave. The entrance resembles a church door, thus, its name.
Cathedral Cave
Our journey continued and off we went to the Snake Island. It is like a runway, splitting the sea in half. Although, the sand is not as fine as the Snake Island in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We went up to the view deck to have a nice vista of the sand bar.

Snake Island
The sand is a bit pebbly, so make sure to walk in your flip-flops or aqua shoes. The water may look shallow but don't go too far as the current is a bit intense on both sides.

Snake Island Up Close
From the Snake Island's view deck, we saw a panoramic view of the nearby islands. Heavenly, indeed!
A view from the top (at Snake Island)
Our next stop is the Pinagbuyutan Island, where some of the scenes of Survivor was shot. The crew of the reality show had made huts on the island for their own usage.
Pinagbuyutan Island
The sun was already starting the set when we reached Pinagbuyutan Island. So, excited to take sunset photos, we asked the boatman to hurry up and bring us to 7 Commandos - a popular island that boasts the best sunset view in El Nido.

At dusk in Pinagbuyutan Island

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