Chinese Feast at Phoenix Court, The Bellevue Manila

Before we finally said goodbye to The Bellevue Manila (and before our quick staycation had come to an end), we decided to have lunch at the Phoenix Court, the hotel's famed Chinese restaurant. 

Aside from Thai and Greek cuisines, hubby and I are big fans of Chinese food. The play of flavors, the seafood creations, the migraine-inducing umami and the servings good to share make Chinese cuisine an irresistible one for us. They say if you're off to a date, go to a French restaurant and have your foie gras and a glass of Bordeaux, but if you're out for a family dinner, Chinese food is the way to go.

The ambiance resembles a typical Chinese restaurant - busy. The interiors are warmly-lit with a number of round tables in different sizes. There is also a room for intimate get-togethers.

So, let's go to the most awaited part...FOOD.

We started with a bowl of sweetcorn with crab meat soup. Of course, Akisha was more than happy she finished my bowl on her own. 

Sweetcorn and crabmeat soup

I have been wanting to let hubby try Xiao Long Bao, so when I saw it on Phoenix Court's menu, I immediately ordered one. It is a delicious dumpling with soup inside. Though it came to our table dry and not piping hot, still it's a must-try. 

I looked at the menu again to see if they have taro puffs (my favorite and the only taro dish I eat aside from Quickly's taro drink). Unfortunately, they don't have, but they have their own version called "deep-fried taro dumpling". I like the filling. Creamy and savory. But I still long for the crispy textured taro puff. Akisha loves it though. Must have been perfect with chili sauce!

Deep-fried taro dumpling

Their version of hot prawn salad is a winner. Gargantuan breaded prawns, apples and a sweet-sour-garlic-ky dressing, this dish gets a thumbs up from me!

Hot prawn salad
Since we were so full to the brim from that heavy breakfast at cafe D'Asie, I just ordered braised seafood bean curd in claypot and yang chow fried rice for the mains. The servings are so huge that we ended up so full and had to pause and sip some tea in between.

Braised seafood bean curd in claypot

Yang chow fried rice
We decided not to have dessert anymore as we were soooooooooooo full! What a way to end our stay at The Bellevue Manila! So, if you're looking for some Chinese fare in the south, try Phoenix Court. Make sure to tag your family and share a sumptuous feast together. Again, servings are HUGE.


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