Eats: More Fun in Boracay

On our recent trip to Boracay, we roamed along the famed white beach to check out some gastronomic delights to satisfy our hungry tummies. Here are some foodie stops you might want to check out. Bon Appetit!

Paluto at D'Talipapa

Nothing beats the fresh catch of the day for me. Isn't it a wonderful experience to go to the wet market and shop for fresh, not-frozen-nor-vacuum-packed seafood wonders?

At D'Talipapa, you can indulge in a plethora of seafood cooked the way you want it. There is a wet market where you can buy fresh (and gigantic) clams, scallops, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, squid -- name it, D'Talipapa has it! You can also buy dried fish like danggit, dulong, squid and fish tocino. 

Afterwards, just across the wet market are two dampa-style restaurants where you can bring your seafood selections and they will be happy to cook it for you at a minimal rate. Of course, you're in Boracay, and nothing here is realistically cheap, so be prepared to pay for an amount slightly higher than the usual dampa restaurant in the metro. Think about it: you already saved much on the raw seafood (these are usually on skyrocket price in Manila), so why not share some of your well-earned moolahs to the locals, who will be glad to provide you with a sumptuous seafood meal?

Fresh giant clams at D'Talipapa

Fresh scallops 

Sa'neh Thai Bar and Restaurant

If you want something Asian, my best bet is the Sa'neh Thai Bar and Restaurant at D'Mall. It offers delectable Thai fare that's reasonably priced. It is just across the famous Aria, so it is so easy to find. 

They have a group set meal at Php 1,100 good for five pax. Though it is not as cheap as Andok's or Mang Inasal in D'Mall, the food that  you'll get at around Php 200+ each (sharing) is of better standing than the two iconic grill. However, this only applies when you get the group meal, as their a la carte menu ranges from Php 250 up, good to share.

They also have some authentic Thai condiments like Sriracha, chili paste, fish sauce and a lot more on each table. Indulge in sizzling hot chilies!!!

Wondering what's included in the group menu? Tadddaaahhhh!

Vegetable Spring Roll
Since we have a toddler with us when we dined at Sa'neh, we requested to replace the Tom Yum Goong (a hot and sour soup) to Tom Yum Gai (a mild spicy chicken soup with coconut milk). I must say we made the right decision! It is so yummy that I had third (yes, not second) helpings of it! I added some chili paste though to give it a kick.

Tom Yum Gai

Stir Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves
Another noteworthy dish is their Green Chicken Curry. It tastes so authentic that we even ordered more rice to finish the sauce!
Green Chicken Curry

Fried Lapu-Lapu with Sweet Chili Sauce

Green Mango Salad
And did I say that the serving size at Sa'neh for the group meals is more than enough for five people? Yes! Six to seven people can enjoy the group meals. Just order more rice!

Dinner Buffets in Station 2

If you have a humongous appetite, or if undecided what or where to eat, the safest option would be the dinner buffets in Station 2. It usually costs Php 300 to Php 350, depending on the season. Most of them has a separate price for drinks. 

We were able to try the Paradise Grill two years ago, and I must say the buffet spread is just so-so. It's like attending a town fiesta with the usual menudo, fried chicken, and so on. But, the good thing is, they also have a variety of seafood offerings like oysters, mussels, small crabs and prawns. Sometimes, there's lechon or lechong kawali, grilled tuna or blue marlin. It varies from time to time. 

They also offer lobsters, crayfish and mud crabs at a special price.

Chori Burger

I was told by my friends that the best chori (short for chorizo) burger in Boracay can be found in Station 2, near La Carmela de Boracay. However, I found one cart that sells not only yummy chori burgers, but delicious ihaw-ihaw, too! So, on your next visit, try the chori burger and the isaw at Merly's BBQ infront of Casa Fiesta.

And since we stayed at Casa Fiesta this time, Merly's chori burger and isaw became our pulutan during our vodka sessions at the veranda. We just call them from the veranda and they deliver the stuff at the reception of Casa Fiesta. How convenient!

Grilled hotdogs and isaw

Chori Burger

Other new foodie stops in Boracay

It's surprising to see that even the fine Italian dining resto in Bel Air - Caruso - has now set foot in the island. Though I can't vouch for it since we were not able to try it when we were there. The ambiance is fascinating, though! Luminous and chic.

Mesa Filipino Moderne has also opened its branch in Boracay. It is located near Boracay Regency.

Restaurant Alchemy by the chef Josh Boutwood is also a nice choice, It offers out of the box take on local produce.


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