Where to Eat in Guimaras?

Guimaras is a quaint island, as opposed to the more clumped Boracay, or the diver-friendly Coron. No high-end restaurants here, so discerning travellers may have a hard time finding stuff to munch on. But let me suggest some places to eat while you are on the island of the sweetest mangoes.

On our way to Alubihod Beach (straight from Jordan port), we asked our guide to stop anywhere where we can have lunch. We were so famished then. Kuya Mai (our guide) suggested the famous mango pizza at the Pit Stop, but we said we want something heavier (read: rice). So, he brought us to an eatery in San Miguel, a town located half way to Alubihod Beach and in front of the centralized souvenir shop in Guimaras. The place is called "Galvez Kainan". It serves the usual Ilonggo fare, and since we want something warm on the tummy, we chose to eat Kansi, a local version of beef nilaga; and Sisig. 

Kansi has a yellowish broth with a combination of spicy and sour flavors. It was our first time to eat this dish very similar to beef nilaga, only it is a bit sour and it has langka (jackfruit), but I must say it is delicious! Think bulalo and sinigang combined. The Sisig though was so-so. Just the typical spicy chunks of pork mask. Overall, we love our dining experience at Galvez Kainan, add to that, dirt cheap prices!



When we arrived at Raymen, we were surprised to know that there are small eateries and stores outside the resort - cheaper alternatives to the overrated food served at the resort's resto. The eateries here also accept "paluto", so you can buy some fresh catch from local fishermen that usually roam along the beachfront trying to sell their goods to tourists. Also on offer are batchoy, barbeque, fresh oysters, and a lot more. 

Fresh Oysters

When we moved to another resort the next day, we asked the lady-in-charge to give us free breakfast in lieu of a discount on room rates since it is off-peak season. She agreed and so here's a peek at our longganisa (local sausage) breakfast. No fried rice though. Breakfast at Alobijod Cove is priced at around Php 100.

To complement our hearty breakfast, we ordered a hot bowl of pancit molo which happened to be so huge! It is good for 2 to 3 pax, and priced at Php 100, too.

Pancit Molo at Alobijod Cove
So, when you finally decide to visit Guimaras, at least you know where to go when those hunger pangs attack!


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