Let's Eat Soup

Last summer, I indulged in the most delectable shakes, ice creams, coolers and what-have-you's to combat the raging heat of the sun. Now, as rain keeps showing off from time to time, and with the monsoon winds hovering around the country, it is about time to savor the best piping hot soups in town!

1) La  Paz Batchoy by XO46 Bistro Filipino

Amidst the bustling crowd of the Makati Central Business District lies a Filipino food haven - XO46 Bistro Filipino - who had recently opened its Visayan Room adjacent to the main restaurant. It serves familiar Visayan fare that includes the iconic Ilonggo dish, La Paz Batchoy. This generous serving of egg noodles, chicharon and bone marrow in a piping hot broth soothes the senses and envelopes you with warmth this season.

2) The Forest House Bouillabaisse 

In the City of Pines where the climate is cool year-round you will find this rich eafood cream soup served in a bread bowl. Even Akisha, my 3-year old daugther swears by this luscious warmth-inducing potion.

3)Singaporean Laksa at Tao Yuan

From its rustic original restaurant in Malate, Tao Yuan had decided to put up a branch in Greenbelt 2. Not only that. aside from its usual Cantonese fare, it now serves delicious and authentic Singaporean dishes including the iconic Laksa. This rich and spicy coconut milk-based soup satisfies cravings for something hot this season. 

4) Shrimp Bisque at Caffe Puccini

This classic French soup is made of pureed shrimps in a creamy soup. The tangy taste of seafood may turn you off at first, but wait 'til you finish a bowl and you'll get hooked! 

5) Tom Yum Talay at Benjarong Royal Thai (Dusit Thani Manila)

If you want something hot and sour, the steaming bowl of the Thai favorite - Tom Yum Talay - is the best bet. Make sure to advise the server on how spicy you want it to be because the last time I had this soup and asked the waitress to make it mild, it turned out that the mildest one they have is somehow spicy for my taste. But I love how it awakened my palate then.

6) Miso Soup at Haiku

Japanese cuisine fanatics cannot deny the fact that a meal is not complete without miso soup - red or white, or both. The zesty Wakame seaweeds and soft tofu complement the salty-savory taste of miso paste. A healthier alternative to your MSG-loaded instant noodles! Plus, it is so easy to replicate at home. Just stir a spoonful of miso paste (available in Japanese groceries, there's one in Pasong Tamo), some Japanese soft tofu and Wakame or nori sheets into boiling water.

 7) La Zuppa - Mushroom Soup at Va Bene Pasta Deli

This rich and creamy soup is not your ordinary one. Not only because it is topped with a milk foam, but it is also drizzled with aromatic truffle oil. 

8) Seafood Hot Pot at Mabuhay Palace (Manila Hotel)

This Hong Kong-style seafood medley on a bed of fresh egg noodles is not only a warm delight, but also a meal in itself. The serving is good for 2 to 3 pax.

9) Sopa de Molo at La Cocina de Tita Moning

Another iconic Ilonggo dish, the Sopa de Molo or Pancit Molo in the vernacular is a hearty feast consists of succulent pork dumplings in a tasty broth. 


  1. I want the La Paz Batchoy! Looks yum yum!

  2. The Molo Soup looks good. Perfect for the cold weather.

  3. Wow, everything looks good!

  4. mmm.. these are all heartwarming soups! :)

  5. one of my faves is the chili soup from the Soup Kitchen


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