The Day I Had Dementia

Many people would usually say to me, "a million girls would kill for your job". They might be right. What with the endless buffets and restaurant hopping, as well as sampling the best gastronomic delights for free? Not to mention being able to check in at the country's creme de la creme of resorts and hotels. But at some point, there are days that I find myself craving for something else. Something simple and within reach. And when I feel like I want to be alone with a slice of something sugary and a cup of caffeine booze to escape from my "dream job", you'll find me at my secret nook - Kooky & Luscious - along the bustling Ayala Avenue. 

The cafe turned into a small restaurant offers a wide array of desserts, pastas, coffee and sandwiches. My personal favorite is Dementia, a slice of truffle cake with white chocolate almond pastille, dark chocolate mousse and ganache. No wonder it was named as such, because the moment you have a forkful, you'll forget your name, or your husband's for that matter. Kidding aside, this slice of heaven is divinely delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness for the much-needed sugar fix. The good thing is, a huge slice is not even lethal to your pockets at Php 130 each. It also comes in sugarfree version for those with special dietary needs. This cake may look familiar to you. Yes, If you have been to Ristorante Pia y Damaso, chances are, you've had this slice already. It's because the two restaurants are owned by Chef Bambi Sy-Gobio, so they also share some of the items in their menu.

If you want something un-chocolatey, then try their Red Velvet. The white frosting is sinfully sweet, so don't tell me I didn't warn you.

And on days that I feel I want something cheesy (my readers know how I LOVE cheese!), I usually get the Mango or Blueberry Cheesecake. The crust is rich and creamy. Just perfect for a steaming cup of latte.

My secret nook also serves pastas and sandwiches. My boss have tried the longganisa, egg and tomato sandwich and she said it's yummy, too! Plus the serving is big enough for its price. 

Now you know where to find me when I am hibernating. What about you, where is your secret nook?


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