Akisha Loves Manila Ocean Park

 Warning: This post is photo-heavy.

My in-laws visited us last February and brought Akisha (and us, of course!) to guess what -- the Manila Ocean Park!

We got the promo ticket priced at Php 500 which includes a pass to the Oceanarium, Jellies, Marine Life (Sea Lion) Show and Habitat. Not bad actually, because an Oceanarium pass alone costs Php 400.

Manila Ocean Park is located behind Quirino Grandstand, walking distance (I'm talking about leisure walk here) from Rizal Park and Manila Hotel. Included in the Manila Ocean Park complex is the new hotel - Hotel H2O which boasts of aqua-themed rooms and fantastic view of the Manila Bay.

When you enter the complex, you will be greeted by a lot of fast food chains and restaurants, so food is not a problem. It has offerings suited for every budget. The second and third floor are partly Hotel H2O and partly theme parks.

That time, Manila Ocean Park has just launched the penguin show but we were not able to watch it as it is not included in out tickets. A reason to go back, perhaps.

Without further ado, we went inside the Oceanarium to visit the "underwater world".

The first I saw an albino fish.

Akisha enjoyed watching the schools of koi. It's amazing to see how they were fed! Cute little hungry koi. =)

I found Nemo!

A yellow seahorse. Sorry, I am not good into remembering scientific names. 

Of all the things I've seen at the Oceanarium, these ones are the most unforgettable! Whitespotted Bambooshark Eggs!

And the tiniest crabs I've ever seen! I wonder if these have "aligue"?

"Why are you staring at me?" says the fish. =P

By the way, if you are going to the Manila Ocean Park, please avoid weekends and holidays. The Oceanarium gets too crowded that you won't enjoy the place anymore, like what happened to us. Look, too many people, all taking photos. Tsktsk. 

They also have stingrays from small to big ones.

And sharks!

You can also go helmet diving, a great way to learn the basics before you go into the real diving world.

On our way up, we passed by this hallway and I just couldn't help but adore the view. Oh, how I miss my Canon Digital Ixus 120 IS. This was the last photo of sun and clouds I've taken with that camera. And now, it is with me, not working anymore. I wish I could have it back. My best camera, witness to all my travels and food trips. =(

we also passed by Antartica where the penguin show is at the second floor.

A little info on Antartica.

There is also a souvenir shop at the second floor.

Our next stop was the Marine Life (Sea Lion) Show at the grandstand infront of the main building. Darn! So hot in there. As in. People are all complaining. So make sure to watch this show when the sun is you know, "not there". This is the view from our seat. The sun looks really HOT! And the staff of the Manila Ocean Park keeps on asking us to close our umbrellas. Hallllllloooooo???? Sunbathing?

My temper cooled down when the show started and saw these cute sea lions doing some dance and stunts.

This is the Marine Life Habitat where you can have your photo taken for Php 500. My take, it's ridiculously expensive.

The Jellies is our last destination. I saw nice photos of it in the net and they all look so beautiful! So I can't wait to see it!

These are different species of jellyfish in giant aquariums with changing lights. It is so pleasant to look at. It looks like a theatrical show of jellies.

My verdict: 

1) The Oceanarium was a little small from what I imagined. It was "bitin." For Php 400, quite pricey.
2) Since it was jampacked with people, we did not enjoy much. But the kids would really love to sea the fishes and the jellies! Plus, there are amusement parks inside where kids can play.
3) Watch the Marine Life Show in the morning so you won't get "tanned"
4) I wanna see the penguin dance soon.


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