A Path Less Traveled: Masbate (Part 2 - Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary)

We woke up early the next day to buy food that we will bring to our most awaited, Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary, the first established marine sanctuary of the city where live hard and soft coral covers highlight the majestic underwater sceneries. Permission from the city hall is required before one can go to the pristine sand bar. Mr. Cokie Medina, the owner of Rendezvous Hotel made the necessary arrangements for our tour, including the boat transfers.

We paid Php 500 for the roundtrip boat transfers, however, the boat is just the small one that can fit 4 pax comfortably. The boat above is the one owned by the city hall and can fit larger groups. The boat ride takes around 15 minutes from Rendezvous Hotel.

To our surprise, Buntod Reef has its own fully-furnished beach hut made of hard wood planks. We underestimated the place because we haven't read a lot about it, but yes, we stand corrected. Buntod Reef even has sturdy dining tables and chairs, a grilling area and even restrooms! NO ENTRANCE FEE! It also has a dedicated officer who assists the guests in food preparation, taking photos and even serves as a lifeguard. 

At the grilling area you will find an amazing view of what looks like a runway of white sand. It actually looks similar to the Snake Island in Palawan.

The white sand bar is a bit rocky in some areas so bringing aqua shoes is an advantage. Be ready to get extremely tanned as there is no cottage in the sand bar.

How clear is the water? See it for yourselves!

The other end of the island has rows of mangroves and  the farthest end is the snorkeling spot.

We stayed in Buntod Reef from 9am until 3pm (read: until our skin get sun-burnt). If you'll go to Masbate, never leave without going to Buntod Reef. It's so near the city proper, yet it is so divine. 

We plan to go back and spend  a weekend in Masbate just to enjoy Buntod Reef again. Imagine, flights to Masbate are scheduled early morning, around 5 am. You can reach the city by 6 am and just go straight to Buntod Reef (have your tour be arranged in advance), which is 20 minutes away from the airport. You can fly out of Masbate at 7:25 am the next day and can still rest throughout the entire Sunday. What do you think? Taralets!

For tour arrangement and reservation at Rendezvous Hotel, 
please contact Mr. Cokie Medina at  09053272778


  1. What an awesome find! Definitely bookmarking this. I'd love to see Masbate in the near future :)

  2. I wanna go back, too! Glad you like it =)

  3. amazing!
    ang ganda ng beach, and for sure i'll love the underwater world too

  4. chyng the beach is indeed nice, but the underwater scene is not like coron. koti lang ang fish and corals. pero dun daw sa dulo sa may mga mangroves, nandun ang mga fish. may pawikan pa nga daw. hindi ko lang narating kasi natakot ako sa sea snake, hehe

  5. thanks a lot for this good find! i'm heading to masbate and researching on it, i'm definitely putting this buntod reef sanctuary on my list :)

  6. Awesome images friend! I really like your blog. It looks like an enjoyable place Philippines. I’m a tourist and like to visit in different places all over the world. I must go in Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary after complete my nyc bus tours. This place is the major tourist attraction for visiting. Every year thousands of people come here to enjoy holidays and see the natural beauty. Good Job and Keep it up!!

  7. it was indeed an awesome pictures! i really appreciate so much and i am thanking you for the information, it helped me decide to visit the place the soonest!


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