Shawarma's out, Gyros are in!

Shawarma is my comfort food. When I am stressed out, I would always ask hubby to accompany me at my favorite shawarma stand in a food court near my office. Paired with a large cup of ice scramble or frozen yogurt, shawarma really melts my blues away. Not until I tried the Mixed Meat Gyro in Go Greek! Glorietta 4 yesterday.

Go Greek! is an offshoot of Cyma, my favorite Greek restaurant of all time. Having been a Spinach & Artichoke Fondue addict since Cyma opened in Greenbelt 5 (the original being in Boracay), I was really hoping that Cyma will open a more affordable Greek fast food so that more people can try and appreciate Greek cuisine in the country. And so, my wish was somehow "granted" when Go Greek! was opened at the Food Strip in Glorietta 4. 

Go Greek! offers Gyros, a Greek version of shawarma that has shredded meat, veggies and tzatziki in warm pita bread. Since I  do not veggies, I humbly asked the staff at Go Greek! if it is possible to have an all-meat gyro. And he said yes with conviction! I got a veggie-free Mixed Meat Gyro! 

The Mixed Meat Gyro is a combination of slow roasted beef and pork in warm pita bread served with tzatziki and yogurt dressing. The meat might have been a bit overcooked because it was not juicy anymore but was so tasty! I bet this will go well with a frozen yogurt drink (which they also have).

Here are the other choices:

Go Greek! also offers Moussaka (Greece's National Dish), Greek Salads that are  assembled while you wait, Gyro and kebab platters and desserts. They also have some famous Greek dips paired with pita triangles.

I got Baklava, a dessert with layers of phyllo, walnuts, peanuts and honey sauce. This can be too sweet for others, but for me, it's just right.

The price range is more affordable than Cyma. Budget is around P200 per pax. The servings are huge and worth it. They even have rice meals!

I hope they will have a Go Greek! version of Spinach & Artichoke Fondue and Skolatina soon!


  1. i love go greek too!! my fave is their lemon chicken <33

  2. It's cheap and looks yummy. Thanks for sharing :) new follower do visit mine too


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