The Villas at Sumilon Bluewater

After an almost 3-hour scenic drive from Cebu City and a short boat ride, we finally arrived in Sumilon Island. We went straight to our villa with the assistance of the diligent staff of Sumilon Bluewater.

Sumilon Bluewater has 12 spacious villas that have an individual veranda with a fantastic view of the sea and mainland Cebu. And when I say, spacious, I mean it! The villa is too big for the three of us, as it has two double beds, a lounge area, mini bar and a writing desk. What I love most are the giant sliding doors that give a well-deserved ventilation and a magnificent view.

The beds are super comfy that Akisha claims it as her "own" bed and she won't let me sit beside her.

There's a TV  and DVD player, but since Sumilon is an island, it does not have access to local TV channels. They offer a wide variety of DVDs from their library though. But hey, you are here on a beautiful island, why would you need a TV???

Have you seen that bamboo with red, yellow and green? It's Sumilon Bluewater's unique way of knowing whether you want a room cleanup (green on top) or you don't want to be disturbed (red on top). 

From our veranda, you will hear nothing but the waves and breeze. So calming. You can also request to serve your meals at the veranda.

And this is the shifting sand bar as seen right from our veranda. It is literally a "shifting" sand bar as it changes shape every so often due to the current of the waves. 

The bathroom is spacious, too! Though I wish they will also put a tub here like in Maribago Bluewater.

After resting for awhile, we headed out to the glamping site. Yes, that's not a typo error. It's GLAMPING, or glamorous camping. Sumilon Bluewater is the only resort in the Philippines that offers this kind of adventure. So, the next time you go to Cebu, try glamping and be one of the privileged few who experienced this one of a kind treat.


  1. wow...such a great review.....thanks for sharing your wonderful experience at the sumilon resort sa cebu. it did help me more than excited to go there with my family. its a family treat. =))

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  2. I've seen it from afar and i'd love to go there!


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