Making the Most of our Sumilon Island Escapade

Did you know that the 24-hectare Sumilon Island is the first marine protected area in the Philippines? It was made a fish sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of Siliman University Marine Reserve. How come I've known of Sumilon just recently?

The island is surrounded by clear water, the clearest I've seen so far. I was told that when you cross the mainland-Sumilon route via a glass-bottom boat, you will be astonished by the beautiful underwater vista. YOu might be luckier and see divers beneath!

Sumilon Bluewater's trademark is the shifting sandbar.Remember the photo I've taken from the veranda of our villa? The photo below is part of that sandbar. It literally shifts shape and location, depending on the current of the waves. Sometimes it is round, sometimes it forms a letter. Whatever shape it has, you will definitely love beach bumming and bonfire dinner here.

Behind that rock is a broader sandbar.

Thee are parts of the shore that are rocky, but the part where the water and sand meet is perfectly fine. Though the water is shallow, it advised that you always wear your life vest while swimming as the water current can become stronger. You can also enjoy kayaking here, as what my husband did. They went to the marine sanctuary using a kayak amidst the current. 

The efforts to conquer the waves are more than worth it, as my husband was amazed with the vibrant marine life in Sumilon Island. Some said there were some underwater caves there where you can dive. The resort also offers diving courses. Intro diving is sometimes part of Sumilon Bluewater's Island Getaway package.

 After enjoying the underwater scene at the marine sanctuary and basking in the sun at the shifting sandbar, we went up and checked out the infinity pool. The view from the pool is so lovely! Couples will fall in love again and again while having a dip in this perfectly designed pool.

 The pool also has three surrounding jacuzzis were you can spend private time together. The jacuzzi is also perfect for the kids because the infinity pool may be too deep for them.

Still at the pool area, there are stairs that will lead you to a grotto of Sto. Nino de Cebu. It is as if he is watching the ocean and enjoying the view as well. From here also, you can see schools of fishes. Yes, that's how clear the water is. You do not even need to go to the water itself to see the wonders beneath.

You can also lounge at the payag-payag and just enjoy the view of mainland Cebu. If you want more adventure, you can go trekking to visit the lighthouse and the baluarte, an old watchtower. Please do not forget to bring trekking shoes or sandals because the rocks are a bit sharp.

There are a lot of things to do in Sumilon, you just need time to experience it all. But be it an overnight stay or a week, the price tag is more than worth it given the number of activities you can do in the island. 


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  2. where and how to get there....infos and more infos pls.

  3. hi, if you are booking through sumilon bluewater directly, they provide airport transfers. there's a minimum 2 nights stay for this. or you can also public transpo, at the south terminal, ride a ceres bus bound to oslob. alight at bancogon, where the dock of Sumilon is. beforehnad, confirm with sumilon bluewater what time is the boat transfers to sumilon is. bus ride is 2.5 hours while boat ride is 10 min

  4. Thank you matet....ur blogs about sumilon made us choose this over boracay...THUMBS UP for bloggers like you,may your kind increase. Pit Se├▒or nimu dha and Godbless....

  5. I enjoy reading blogs like these.......with tons "proof" hehehe, pictures pictures and more pictures. Its a shame to go to places like sumilon if you dont carry a camera. =))


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