Glamping at Sumilon Bluewater: Getting out of my comfort zone

I travel because I want to de-stress and be away from the noise of city life. I travel because I want to breathe fresh air. I travel because I want to reunite with nature. I've been to hotels and resorts around the country. They are almost the same. They just vary in price and theme. I want something special, something that can make my stay more memorable, something outside my comfort zone. Thus, I chose glamping.

Glamping or glamorous camping is an innovative way of "camping" in a more sophisticated setup. For some, the idea of camping is equivalent to bugs, uncomfortable beddings, questionable food and eerie nights. These are also the reason why for some, their first camping experience becomes the last. 

But glamping is way different. 

Sumilon Bluewater pioneered  glamping in the Philippines, but the idea has been around the world for a long time already. To know more about glamping around the world, you may read here.

After eating sumptuous lunch at the Sumilon Bluewater pavilion, we were introduce to Kuya Will, our camping assistant for the day. He was also the one who set up our glamping tent near the lagoon area.

Sumilon Bluewater has glamping tents that can fit 4 to 6 people. I was told that they even have bigger tents that can fit larger groups. This is ideal for families and friends alike. The glamping tents are waterproof, so no need to worry about being soaked when it rains.

This glamping tent has two comfortable beds and can fit one to two additional mattresses. You don't have to worry about sleeping on a sleeping bag so you can relax for the rest of the evening.

Is it air-conditioned? No. But believe me, you won't need air-conditioning in an island like Sumilon. The wind is perfectly fine. You want fresh air, right? This glamping tent is equipped with nets that prevents mosquitoes and bugs from "bugging" you.

If the fresh air isn't enough for you, the resort also provided the glamping tents with electric fans. There are also lounge seats that you can use while having a quick nap or reading a good novel.

The best thing about Sumilon Bluewater's glamping tents is the posh mini-bar that is already included in the package. See how cute it is? The bottom compartment serves as the "chiller" for sodas and beer when filled with ice. 

To further get a feel of camping and the island life, breakfast is served at the picnic tables outside the glamping tent, under the trees and fronting the beach. It reminds me of eating with my family in the province during the holidays, when one would just pick mangoes and some will just grill barbeque and share everything with a glass of cold Coke.

This is the most relaxing part of the island. I can just sleep here all day and hear the sound of the waves and the breeze. 

The glamping tents are near the lagoon where you can enjoy fish-feeding and kayaking. 

Outside the glamping tent you will see white sand, greeneries and clear blue waters. Glamping packages at Sumilon Bluewater also include a bonfire/picnic barbeque dinner. What is camping, or glamping for that matter, without a bonfire???

For Sumilon Bluewater glamping packages, you may click here.


  1. Aliw naman yang glamping! Sana ma-try ko rin in the future :D

  2. ngayon ko lang nakita tong post mo. toinks

  3. yeah,this was 2 years ago when they had just started glamping

  4. I also love to go camping with my friends actually I like the adventures works and camping is really an adventurous work so I love to go there...
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