Bonfire dinner turned into a sumptuous feast

We were supposed to have a bonfire dinner at the shifting sandbar but due to unfavorable tide conditions (it was high tide that time), we decided to just pass on the bonfire dinner and have a sumptuous barbecue dinner at the pavilion.

The pavilion is designed with high octagonal nipa thatched roofing and has al fresco setting. From the pavilion, you will be able to enjoy a picturesque view of mainland Cebu and the sea.

We started our feast with a warm soup and crispy fish fingers, which Akisha really loved. The soup is perfect because it was windy that night.

Though we were not able to dine around a bonfire, we still feasted on skewers of pork, chicken and prawns. The pork and chicken skewers were perfectly cooked the way I want it. Tender yet roasted to perfection. 

The prawns made my day! These are large succulent prawns in barbecue marinade. What I like about island dinning is that you can guarantee that seafoods are always fresh.  

Capping our dinner is a molten chocolate cake that's not too sweet but perfectly chocolatey. We were so full after dinner that we decided to stay at the poolside before heading to our villa.


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