Survivor Series: Caramoan Underwater Adventure

Caramoan is often compared to Coron (Palawan) in terms of the beauty of its beaches, islands and reefs. So when we went to Caramoan, we couldn't help but compare which is really better of the two.

If you are in for underwater adventure, then Caramoan is better than Coron. Though if you want to see both corals and different kinds of fishes, I must say Coron is the place to be.

According to my hubby, he finds the corals in Caramoan more colorful and have the most number of varieties than in Coron. Although, we both agree that there are fewer fish wherever we go in Caramoan.

In Coron, just throw a small piece of bread and you will see fishes crowding the clear waters. In Caramoan, it seems that they (the fishes) are not interested in bread, or rice, or anything for that matter. They just swim, swim and swim.

In Coron, even if you do not go to the snorkeling sites and just swim near the shore, you will see a bunch of fishes. In Caramoan, you need to go to a snorkeling site (this one is near Bag-ing) to see small fishes. I haven't seen a fish bigger than my palms here.

There's a snake! Now I'm scared. We even saw a stingray again. 
Sea urchins? 


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