Survivor Series: Caramoan Island Hopping Day 2

On our second day in Caramoan, we left Villa Julianna Inn as early as 6:00 am so that we can catch the low tide at Manlawi Sandbar. 
Our first stop: Cotivas Island
Of all the islands we've been, this is the only island where we did not see a single wave. As in nada. It is so quiet here as we had the island all to ourselves again. The sand though is not as fine as Matukad's or the most famous sand benchmark, Boracay. Cotivas is about an hour and a half boat ride from Bikal port.
During peak season, a caretaker will ask you to pay Php 50/pax. Since we were the only ones there, we had the island for free.
We just stayed for like 30 minutes in Cotivas because we really wanted to catch the low tide at Manlawi, our next destination.
En route to Manlawi, our boatman showed us these amazing stones. It looks as if it were a flat panel of stones stacked together. These are naturally flat stones and was not built nor assembled.
So now our next stop is probably the highlight of this trip - Manlawi Sandbar
You want sand? Here, your wish is granted!
Even from afar you will see the clear shallow water and the fine white sandbar. 
As in SANDBAR!!!
It's the broadest sandbar I've been to in my life!
In the island, there were two ladies who sells shells for Php 5 and up. They are also the caretaker of the nipa huts in the island. Nipa huts can be rented at Php100. However, I was able to haggle it at Php50, provided that I will be some shells worth Php50. Not bad, eh?
Here is the nipa hut. Our boatman told us that during summer, the island is full of huts to accommodate the influx of tourists in the sandbar.
Would you believe that during high tide, water can go as high as the roof of this hut? In the afternoon, you can also stay here and have snacks while your feet are submerged in water. They also have a floating cottage that you can rent during high tide at Php300.
We stayed in Manlawi longer than planned because I was so mesmerized by the sandbar. I just wanted to sit, chill, relax and sniff fresh air.
To give you an idea how broad the sandbar is, here is a photo where you can see where our boat docked.
After lunch, we stayed for another hour and finally said goodbye to Manlawi.
On our way to our next destination, I saw a lighthouse! You know how important lighthouses are to me and hubby. =)
Our next destination: Bag-Ing and Sabitang Laya Islands
Our final destination is a V-shaped island is a combination of two beaches, Bag-Ing and Sabitang Laya. Our boat docked in Bag-Ing.
The water here is calm and clear, but the shoreline has big rocks along the shoreline.
Footprints in the sand?
Again, what we liked about Caramoan is that it is not crowded (as in we were the only ones in the entire 2-day trip) and the activities are not extraneous. You can just sunbathe, swim, snorkel and have the time of your lives.
From Bag-Ing, we walked towards the other side of the island, the famous Sabitang Laya.
This is so Survivor-ish! Cliffs, sand, water, fishes, crabs. So like Survivor! No wonder Caramoan is a famous shoot location for the international reality series.
Btw, this is our boat, San Antonio 2. You may inquire about the rates from Lola Ason Berunio, who owns the most number of boats in Caramoan. Her number is 09291614844. You may also reach Kuya Antique, Lola Ason's grandson and our boatman, 09216175942. I highly recommend Kuya Antique and his younger brother Chad who is so kind, witty, accommodating and helpful. I remember Chad even carried all my stuff anywhere we go. And the good thing is, they will let you enjoy each island at your own pace. No need to hurry going from one island to another.
So there, that ended our Caramoan birthday bash. Adios Caramoan! Hope to be back again (I hope there's an airport in Caramoan)


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