A Preview of Sands Resto Grill New Menu


When we were at The Lighthouse Marina Resort, we were so fortunate to have a sneak preview of the would-be new menu of the Sands Resto Grill, which will be launched on October 24, 2011.

While waiting for our food, I saw this on our table. How romantic would it be to have dinner wherever, however you want it, inside the resort.

The Sands Resto Grill's table setup.

A glimpse into the interiors of the Sands Resto Grill.

And here are the stars of the day:

Pan fried fresh crab cakes with lemon cream sauce, scented sesame crusted rice and seasonal vegetables.


My Take:

Of the three dishes, this one is the best for me. I love the crisp crab cakes and how the sauce compliments it. The crabmeat inside is very succulent. I wish though that it comes in smaller bits so that it's crispier that way.

Chicken breast stuffed with crabmeat served with pommery mustard sauce, potatoes au gratin and seasonal vegetables.

My Take:

This is the first time I have tried a combination of chicken and crab in one roll, and it's good! My baby Akisha loves this one. The potatoe au gratin is so huge that I cannot even finish mine. I hope though that the potatoe au gratin has more cheese and cream. Oh never mind, it's just the CHEESY me.

Roasted duck breast served with black currant and red wine sauce, potatoes au gratin and seasonal vegetables.

My Take:

Honestly, this is the first time I ate duck in my entire life. I have tried turkey and goat meat, but not duck. It is only now that I realized that duck meat is a marriage between chicken and pork. The red wine in the sauce lessens the aftertaste. I guess it would be a perfect pair to a glass of red wine, too!

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