Gastronomique: Dulang Restaurant at the Nurture Spa Village, Tagaytay City

 During our long weekend Tagaytay spree, we had the chance to pass by the Nurture Spa Village and try some of its gastronomic delights, which I believe deserves its own space in my blog. Why? Not only did we had a great time munching on the food, but I also noticed that what Nurture Spa Village offers are foods that one of a kind. Take for example this one, have you ever eaten Pancit Palabok? In Spring Rolls?

What about Chicken Kare-Kare? No, I mean,  Chicken Kare-Kare made of stuffed chicken breast with eggplant topped with deep-fried banana buds. There, that's unique right? The bagoong here is one of the best I ever tried (with the exception of Sir Bob's Bobbylicious Bagoong).

 Okay, what about suman (rice cake) at mangga (mango)? No, I mean mangga wrapped in suman with a rich tablea sauce? This is a perfect ending to a sumptuous Filipino lunch.


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