Breathing Fresh Air at the Nurture Spa Village

Tagaytay is popular not only because of its proximity to the metro, but also because of its cool climate throughout the year. It is also a perfect place if you want a quick breather from the toxicities of the city. Here, you can find a lot of boutique and posh hotels and B&B's, as well as plush gardens that will let you bond again with nature even for a day.

Nurture Spa Village is not just a spa nor just an accommodation. It is engulfed in lush greenery and blossoming buds, a perfect venue to relax and breathe some fresh air. 

When we arrived, we were greeted by their staff with ethnic song (Think Dos Palmas) and were given this hot pandan tea. 

Greenery? I mean it! Nurture Spa Village has a hectare of zen-inspired garden situated on a cliff. You need not worry about landslides because the sides of the cliff around Nurture Spa Village was crafted like the Banawe Rice Terraces so as to prevent landslides. This was done by the Ifugaos commisioned by the owner- Ms. Cathy Turvill. The Ifugao huts in the Nurture Spa Village are also authentic ones.

They have a small pool for your dipping indulgence. This is just beside the Dulang Restaurant.

You can read a book or simply bask in the sun by the poolside while sipping some fresh mango shake.

Aside from the authentic Ifugao huts, they also have air-conditioned accommodation like the Pag-Ibig (love) room. This is usually the room they give to the bride and groom as part of their wedding package. 

The Filipiniana-inspired room reminds me of an ancestral house, only more modern.

How modern? Well it has a tub and flat screen TV! The rooms are a bit far from the pool area which gives serenity, especially for couples.

The owners of the Nurture Spa Village is also the man & woman behind the famous organic line of spa products, Amu'in. They have a small souvenir shop beside the reception area where they sell not only Amu'in products but other native products as well.

 They also have an open al-fresco gazebo where you can have your wedding or other affairs.


  1. Ganda,they say this is one of the top 10 spas in asia.


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