The Boutique, Tagaytay CIty: Not Your Ordinary Bed and Breakfast

According to Wikipedia, a bed and breakfast (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Typically, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use. I used to define B&B’s the same way as Wikipedia did, not until I had a unique bed and breakfast experience at The Boutique, Tagaytay City in the Philippines.
 Tagaytay City is the closest coolest place from Manila. In an hour or two, one will be able to have a glimpse of the world-renowned Taal Volcano with its surrounding lake. Because of the increasing tourist demands, a plethora of hotels, inns and B&B’s lined the plateau of Tagaytay City. Among these accommodations, we opted to stay in a B&B simply because we do not want the complexity of luxurious hotels. We wanted our stay to be homey and cozy, with good food, of course.

The Boutique, Tagaytay CityThe Boutique, Tagaytay City

 Lo and behold, we chose The Boutique Bed & Breakfast along the highway of Tagaytay. It has 7 rooms named after different emotions, not just numbers. No two rooms are the same as each room has its own motif. We opted to stay at the “I Escape” room, among others. They also have a pillow menu where one can choose pillows for different needs.

 The "I Escape" Room, Boutique Resort

The "I Escape" Room, Boutique Resort

 Our stay was not only homey and cozy, but personalized as well. As we checked in, we were asked to select your own room scent, soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion from their Pamper Me line. We were also treated to a cold stone facial massage at noontime, and a serving of hot chocolate and freshly-made churros at bedtime. The room also has bedtime nibblers (yema & chips) to satisfy one’s cravings in the wee hours of the night.

Pamper Me Line

Hot Chocolate and Churros at bedtime

Our stay’s highlight is the sumptuous breakfast. In The Boutique, breakfast is served at your own prefered time in bed. There is no need to cue on a buffet just like in other hotels. We were served with generous servings of Gourmet Tinapa (smoked fish) in Olive Oil and Capers, eggs the way you want it, garlic rice, coffee, freshly-made mango juice, oven-fresh breads with jam and butter and fruits in season topped with cottage cheese or yogurt.

Gourmet Tinapa (smoked fish) in Olive Oil & Capers

Now I understand why people opt for B&B’s nowadays. The price is undeniably affordable and the experience is more mesmerizing and remarkable. Since the rooms are only a few, the owners are able to maintain consistency and excellence in their service, thus, making one long to come back over and over again.

Plus, they gave me a box of chocolates before we left the place. Sweet huh!


  1. it's the cheapest room, I Escape. They also have the one that has a tub overlooking taal lake

  2. have been telling hubby about the place, will show him your post :)
    visiting from GT :)P

  3. hi kath. the boutique is really ideal for couples. it has that magical feel. =)

  4. jaw dropping!
    ive been dreamign to go here, nun may jowa pa ko. but thanks you shared your experience!

    btw - you can change the width of your blog para kasya yung large photos mo =)

  5. this is really one of my favorite places to have stayed in. my boyfriend and i celebrated our third anniversary here (two years ago) and stayed at the I Dream room. we were also given popcorn for our movie, but the bed was so inviting we never finished the movie nor the popcorn. nakatulog na agad! we also moved our cold-stone facial massage to the following morning because we had something planned for the afternoon. sarap, it was so refreshing :>

  6. Wow! Hubby and I have been meaning to try this one out for quite some time. Now I'm really excited. =)


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