A Weekend at Terrazas de Punta Fuego

My friends had been planning for this weekend getaway a.k.a. mid-year get together for months now, and finally, last weekend, we rented a beach house in Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Batangas.

 We left Makati at around 10am and arrived at Magallanes Square in Tagaytay a little before 12 nn. There we had our lunch at LZM's. Bulalo, of course, is the highlight of our lunch. After having lunch, we continued driving our way to Nasugbu. We arrived a little passed 2 pm.

The beach house we rented (Php 15,700/ night) could fit 12 to 15 people. It has 4 big rooms, 2 T&B, a lounge, a kitchen and 2 swimming pools. Not bad! Since we were 13 in the group, we paid P1,200 each for the accommodation. Kids are included in the headcount.

Here's the dining area where we literally indulged ourselves with comfort food (Thanks to Angela and Tita Lei for your kitchen wonders).

 This is the outdoor pool in the garden. You can also eat in this area or have some booze like what we did. For smokers, this is your designated place as they impose a no smoking policy inside the house.

 The kitchen is complete with plates, utensils, microwave, fridge, water dispenser (you need to bring your own water though), etc. They also have a dirty kitchen where you can prepare your meals. If you need help grilling or washing the dishes, they have helpers on standby until 10 pm.

There are 2 rooms on the first floor and an extra bed outside the 2 rooms. If you're brave enough, you can sleep here (right Ron?).

 These 2 bedrooms share an aircon and an exhaust fan.

Both the T&B's are on the first floor so if you're the type who needs to pee at night, make sure you sleep on the first floor or be brave enough to go down at night.

 There's 1 room on the second floor with aircon as well. The other 2 rooms beside this room is locked as those are the owners' rooms.

There's a lounge on the second floor where you can watch a movie or just take a nap.

 They also have a collection of DVD's to choose from.

 This is the indoor pool at the 2nd floor. You can also play billiards here. The pool here though looks like a jacuzzi, like only knee deep.

A place for booze again.

The attic can fit 4 to 5 pax. Mattresses are also available as well as linens and pillows. The room is freezing cold at night.

Here's the beach. As the owner said in her multiply site, there really is no beachfront house in Punta Fuego. To go to the beach area, we drove a few meters away. Can you walk from the house to the beach? I bet you can go down, but going home passing the steep curves? That's the big question.

The building on the cliff is the luxe Amara en Terrazas. These are condo units inside the Fuego compound. I think some are open for rent as well. Not sure though.

The sand is not powdery white though. There's no "white" beach in Batangas. Often, there are off-white or coral sand bars.

 Overall, our stay was fun! 

Bring some mosquito/insect repellent 
Bring your own towel. the beach house is well, a house, not a hotel, so they do not provide towels.
Bring your own 5 gallon water for the dispenser. In our case, we ran out of water on our last day.
Bring all the booze and food you need. Supermarket and convenience stores are far from Punta Fuego. When you pass by Tagaytay, get everything you need.

Where will our next get together be? Find out, soon!


  1. very ideal for get togethers nga!
    would consider this in the future =)

  2. yes sis, kahit nga di ka na pumunta ng beach, carry na sa pool. super enjoy plus bonding pa while cooking together

  3. Has anyone felt or seen a ghost there? Looks like you emphasized about being "brave enough" at night. hmmm..

  4. hi, do you have a contact number for this beautiful house in Punta Fuego? thanks!


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