Where to Eat Chinese Food in Davao : Mandarin Tea House

We were supposed to try out any of the famous buffet in Davao City but we were able to arrived in Sta. Ana Wharf a bit late for lunch already so we decided to check out the restaurants along Rizal Ave. There's Jollibbe along the way but hey, we're in Davao and we should explore something new. Across Jollibee is Tops (an open-air grill and "silog" diner). Since it's almost 2pm, the sun is really at its peak so we decided not to eat there because my baby might have another skin asthma attack due to the extreme heat.

We walked and walked and walked until we arrived at this Chinese restaurant, still along Rizal Ave. -Mandarin Tea Garden.

We checked out the dining area and it looks clean and the food looks appetizing, too! Think North Park or Super Bowl of China.

Plus, it's a non-smoking restaurant, so we decided to settle here for our late lunch.

We ordered Siomai Noodle Soup for my baby. Serving is good for one, but if you're ordering other dishes, it may be enough for sharing.

My husband ordered Mandarin Spareribs rice bowl. The meat is so tender and tasty. It tastes like sweet and sour spareribs. More on the sweet side.

I cannot decide what to order as their menu has lots to offer so I decided to have Soy Chicken rice bowl. It's tender and juicy. The sauce is a bit spicy but just enough to tease your palate.

By the way, they really have good-tasting chili-garlic sauce that's perfect for siomai and even the Soy Chicken! Our will was P232, not bad for the taste and quality of their food. We went out full and recharged again.


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