Revisiting Bohol: Countryside Tour

Since this tour is meant for my family, I asked my tita to choose between countryside tour and sea tour. I preferred sea tour since I already had the countryside tour before, but my tita and my mom were too afraid of the sea so they chose the countryside tour. Again, Kuya Tatsky's services, with the help of his driver Kuya Bogart, made this tour possible.

First stop: Baclayon Church.

It was built during the Spanish era, using coral stones and guess what? Egg whites. Imagine how many eggs, or unborn chicken for that matter were used for this church. It also has an adjacent museum where you can see old church artifacts.

Look at this photo of Padre Pio, as if embossed in the church's wall. It gave me goosebumps when I saw this.

Your beach wear does not have a room in this church as Boholanos are labeled conservative. So avoid skimpy clothes when you are heading here. For those who still prefers to wear their sandos and shorts (I know the feeling...the heat..humid..), they can provide you with shawls (wrap) while inside the church.

Secod stop is the lighthouse across Baclayon church. This is very memorable to me as this lighthouse is the very first sign of me and my hubby's "destiny" Mushy e? This is also where Cesar Montano proposed to Sunshine Cruz. (Chika minute!)

A view of Baclayon church from the lighthouse.

You can rent a boat here and explore and watch the dolphins at Pamalican Island.

Third Stop: Loboc Church. This is not part of the original itinerary, but since we passed by the area anyway, we went inside for a prayer. Across the church you will see an unfinished church. According to our guide, the one across is supposedly the original church but the Marcoses stopped its construction due to an allegedly "gold mine" beneath it. However, after years of exploration, no gold were found.

The interiors of this church is similar to the Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan.

On the way to the car, I saw this cross on top of a hill. This is where pilgrims go during Holy Week.

On our way to Chocolate Hills, we passed by the Man-Made Forest where we took photos on our way back.

It's like a fairy tale...or a vampire scene =0

Before finally moving up to Choco Complex, we saw this unique Chocolate Hill, half limestone, half coral.

The waiting area where you will surrender your tickets for them to call the driver.

Entrance fee is P50. There are nice, air-conditioned comfort rooms there. Tip, bring your own water, as they sell purified water here double the market price.

There are 2 ways to go to the peak, where you can see a 360 degrees view of the Chocolate Hills. One is by hundreds of steps via stairs... Think Baguio's Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto.

Or the long and steep walkway.

A view from the walkway.

Chocolate Hills galore!!!

As seen in post cards...

A wishing well at the peak.

After Chocolate Hills, we went to the Butterfly Farm to eat lunch. We passed on Loboc River Cruise as we find it too expensive at P400 per head. I've been there and the food isn't remarkable.

After lunch we headed to Hanging Bridge where we bought peanut kisses at P125 for 16 pcs.

For the second time, I refused to cross the hanging bridge. =)

Final stop before going back to the city for the other attractions, Tarsier Place.

Sleepy baby...

Monkeys and snakes are also here! Look!

Back in the city, we dropped by the Blodd Compact Site. Here you can find the cheapest shirts starting at P150/ small.

A view of Panglao Island from the city.


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