Revisiting Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm

Capping the day is a visit to Bohol Bee Farm. It has nice native interiors, a small pool, a restaurant and a bakeshop/retail area.

The place is very cozy. For those who would want to spend a night of serenity, away from the busy beaches of Bohol, Bohol Bee Farm offers bed and breakfast packages.

Some native hats

and anahaw fan

Spreads galore!!! Mango Spread is their bestseller.

Some Vegan Chips

Native vinegar

Some homegrown herbs

And what is a bee farm without organic honey? Mix it with yogurt and oat bran for a healthy breakfast!

We brought home one of their honey milk soaps and bottled pure honey.


  1. that looks like a great place to visit. hope you had a great time!


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