Singapore Series: Why You Should Come to Changi Airport Early

It is always advisable to come at the airport two hours prior to departure time. This applies to all international flights. However, when you are boarding your flight via Singapore's Changi Airport, I strongly suggest that you come earlier than usual. Why? Let me show you a myriad of things you can do inside Changi Airport.

On our flight back to Manila, we chose to leave City Square Mall in Farrer Road (our last stop) earlier. Our flight is at 8:55 PM via Air Philippines, but we chose to start our journey to Changi at around 4:30 PM. We took Singapore's ever reliable MRT, for the last time.

 Changi Airport is one of the world's best airports. It serves more than 100 airlines that fly to various countries. Their customer service is also commendable.

1. Beautify!

Inside the pre-departure area, you will see a huge selection of shops that offers cosmetics, perfumes, liquors and a lot more. What's good is that the staff will also secure that the packaing of the stuff you buy here will enable you to bring it onboard, in your hand carry bags. Say for example, you buy a perfume that's about more than 100ml, they will be glad to package it according to aviation standards.

If you are a makeup addict, Changi Airport is a haven for you. It offers a variety of makeup brands, both drugstore and high-end.

There's MAC Wonder Woman Collection.



2. Shop 'til you drop!

If you are into fashion like bags,  shoes, etc., Changi Airport also has The Fashion Gallery for you. 

Don't fret, Changi Airport is equipped with travellators to ease you up on walking.

3. Watch a Movie or Surf the Net

Changi Airport also has an internet corner and a 3D station. These are all free of charge.

4. Bring Home Merlion

5. Have a Glimpse of Other Culture

During the time that we are there, Changi Airport featured Brazil as their latest destination offering. There were Guarana sodas  and Brazillian truffles served. There's also free WII for Capoeira.

So next time you are in Singapore, make sure you are in the airport early.


Changi Airport staff are very strict when it comes to liquid items in your hand carry baggage. To avoid inconvenience, make sure you comply with their guidelines.

There are no restrooms inside the Departure area. All restrooms are in the Pre-Departure area. So make sure to relieve yourself before going inside. However, should you wish to go out of the Departure area, make sure you inform the Ground Attendant.

Bring a jacket. It is cold inside the Departure area especially at night.

There are no Terminal Fees in Changi Airport.
Can't wait to go back to Singapore again!



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