Singapore Series: Bugis Exploration

 After exploring the City Hall area, we decided to go to Bugis area, which is famous for its bazaars. We took the MRT (green line) from City Hall to Bugis Station.

We arrived at this mall. I saw lots of Filipinas here. One even asked me if I am from the Philippines.
Since part of this mall in under renovation, we crossed the street to check out the mall Iluma.

Here, we found this super high elevator. It covers 4 floors of the mall. At first, I said I do not want to take this lift because I have fear of heights. But I told myself, this is the first time I saw something like this and I should try it!

There are also bazaars outside Iluma. They sell accessories, clay frames, etc.

And if you're looking for cheap fab finds, Bugis Street is the place to be! Stores here give discounts especially when you buy more.  The prices start at SGD 10.

Oooopppsss...censored! But there are lots of shops like this there. People in Singapore are less conservative.

There is also a Catholic church nearby - St. Joseph Church,  so for those who wants to attend mass, you can check out their schedule below:

There's Manila in Singapore??? Now, I'm confused.

We also saw this state of the art building, La Salle College of Arts, on our way to Little India MRT station (Purple Line)


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